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In 2009, I decided to become an author, unfortunately, I had no idea what kind of journey I was signing up for.  As I threw my hat into the race, publishers were closing left and right due to the Great Recession.  Also, Amazon had just started challenging the U.S. publishing industry by creating the Kindle e-reader and their Kindle Direct Publishing company.  Now in 2018, the publishing industry has changed so much, today, many authors are choosing to go indie and major publishers are being even more selective about what they acquire.  So what would I say to an author just starting out today?  Well, I gathered some of the best advice I could and decided to publish it all here.  Hopefully, you too will pass it on to the next generation of newbie authors who don’t have a clue about how the publishing thing works.

  1. Educate…

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Happy New Year from Cereal Authors

Cereal Authors

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Reflections on a Year by Ruth Davis Hays

2017, what have you done to me?

I dreaded the coming of 2017. Long hours of painful work anticipated. Anxiety over payments owed or debts that would accumulate. Rollbacks of regulations and freedoms that were imagined to be permanent for our future collective good. But, nothing had braced me for the fears that did arise this last year.

In the past year, I have gone from devastation to thankful and grateful reprieve.

Let me preface this by saying that I am close to my mother. Very close. Early on in 2017, my mother was hospitalized with jaundice. That led to the discovery that she had a cancerous tumor blocking her pancreas.

Now, pancreatic cancer is one of the most pervasive and aggressive cancers. I know this because a dear friend of mine died just a few years ago after fighting pancreatic cancer…

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Sarcasm vs…

Cereal Authors

I used to have a snarky reply for every question. When I was a teen, my mother used to ask why I was so “smart-mouthed”.  When I was college-aged and in a group of friends I considered to all be equally intelligent, I would let the sarcasm fly. I knew they would “get” it.

Looking back, I don’t know if I was eager for the laughter (even if it was only my own), or if I was guarding my emotions. Can’t get hurt if they think you don’t care, right?

But recently, I’ve noticed that I’m not as off the cuff as I used to be. The sarcasm comes out when I’m irritated or tired; it’s reserved for those special moments when I’ve been pushed too far.

When Dellani first spoke to the Cereal Authors about posting on sarcasm, I thought it would be easy. On the contrary, I’ve found…

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Owl and Pussycat Book Promotions

22834275_1950357288621867_663870312_n The Providence Series: Saber’s Vida (Book 1) by L. Ann Marie Former Delta turned FBI Tactical Commander Rafael Saber doesn’t know how to be anything but the cliché military player with women just waiting for him to show up. New is never easy, but Michelle is, for about 3 days. When Saber is put in his place by one woman, another finds his charm and a pantydropping smile worth the risk. Assistant DA, Cassidy knows she’s worth more than a Delta Groupie title and makes Saber work for it. Jump into the world of adventure and laugh out loud situations that keep Rafael and Cassidy’s life interesting. The Providence FBI Ops Field Office is waiting for you.  


“Awful serious for a bar.” I look to the side and I’m stunned. The brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen are smiling at me. Pitch black hair…

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A new book to help authors coming Oct 2 – “Be More Successful with Marketing and AdvertiZING” by Pamela Ackerson

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#ASMSG, #iartg, #bookboost, #bynr

Have you run out of ideas? Hit a plateau in your sales? Are you banging your head trying to come up with marketing and advertising techniques that will get those sales started again?

Focused mainly on authors and anyone in the publishing industry, there’s an abundance of information that can be utilized to increase exposure. It’s a Call-to-Action and is specially written to help you move into a positive forward motion. There are ideas and techniques that can be taken advantage of before you finish reading.

Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get your creative juices flowing and release all those ideas that are rolling around, begging to get out. It’ll help you with the basic principles to build an effective marketing plan and be more successful. Get a fresh insight and understanding of how to reach your goals, get your momentum going, and build the following you need to succeed.
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Pamela Ackerson

Pamela Ackerson started writing poems and short stories as a teen. Later, as a young mother, she continued writing children’s stories and poems. Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pam now lives on the Space Coast of Florida, a hop, skip, and jump from Orlando, where imagination and fantasy abounds. She has three children, all girls, three grandchildren and a wonderful husband. (Obviously, don’t we all say that?) But, it is true, and she will be the first to admit it. He is a wonderful husband, and she has concrete, undeniable proof. She has not plotted his demise… yet.

Pam may have majored in child psychology with a minor in English, but her distinguished choice of careers never made fruition. Instead, life led her to work in restaurants, interior decorating, owned an advertising business, content editor for a publishing house, owned a ballroom dance studio, and real estate investments. Pam is a practicing herbalist and has been involved in the use of natural treatment with raw herbs for almost thirty years. As her day job, she currently works as the V.P. of Marketing and Advertising for the book review magazine, Affaire de Coeur.

I am the Marketing and Advertising Director at Affaire de Coeur Book Review Magazine

If you are an author and are interested in promoting your book or books with the magazine, I will be happy to work with you and do everything I can to make life easier for you. (Rates are very reasonable) or

Let’s be:      Friends/Facebook        Tweet, tweet, tweet on Twitter        Pinterest        Google+         LinkedIn

I make every attempt to friend/follow back on twitter and facebook! Sometimes I miss the follows, email me and let me know if I haven’t followed you in return. Gentlemen, please understand I don’t write romances. I am not interested in starting one. I am quite happy with my husband.

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Pam BeMoreSuccessfuleBookFB.jpg

You can pre-order
“Be More Successful with
Marketing and AdvertiZING”

by Pamela Ackerson  for $2.99 at:


Will also be available in print
by the first week of October.


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Owl and Pussycat Book Promotions




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Celebrate with Us! More About Karen Vaughan

Cereal Authors

We’re about to celebrate a milestone here at Cereal Authors. Our fifth year anniversary is coming up! If we were married, the traditional gift was wood…. Since it’s not a wedding anniversary, but one of friendship and hard work, we’re giving our readers a present instead – more about us! For the next week, we will feature one of our authors a little more in depth. If, however, you’d like to give us a gift, follow the buy link below and buy a book—or two—or more….

karen resting sarcastic bitch face

First up, my Canadian buddy, Karen Vaughan!

Karen’s – Bio:

I am a proud Canadian living in Ontario. I wear a few different hats: mom, grandma wife author, comedian, radio host and promoter of independent authors. I have a sarcastic bent which comes out in my writing and my comedy act. I have been the host of writers round table for 3 years and…

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