The History of Laura Hamilton-Fitz

Just who is Laura Hamilton-Fitz

Her Back-story

Laura was born to a mom and dad who believed women should be independent until the day they marry.  There are girls in the family Laura being the oldest and a tomboy to boot. Dad wanted a boy to share his love of cars and sports.  Laura let him mold her into the son he didn’t get. By the time she was thirteen she could take apart an engine, change the oil and fix a flat. Dad Hamilton was a happy man. Mom Hamilton was not. Laura was a rebel and did not traditional and very non girly things. She went out for league sports and after begging from dear old mom joined the cheering squad.

This is where Laura met Lou and Gerry.  They were team mates and friends. Lou Igliati won the girl while Gerry watched secretly hoping the girl would throw Lou over for him. That never happened but that didn’t change his feelings for his friend and Laura. Gerry was awkward around the opposite sex and stuttered when confronted with one. Laura liked him as Lou’s friend.  Gerry would never poach in Lous camp so friendship would have to suffice.

Life happened after graduation. Laura and Lou had a long distance relationship and Gerry went away to do something else. He and Lou lost contact.

Lou and Laura eventually got married after their college careers were over and Laura worked til she got pregnant. This made Mama Hamilton happy. Mother was not to be for Laura at this time.  She suffered a miscarriage and Lou announced coldly that he didn’t really want kids. Lou also had a big secret and was pulling away from his wife and the marriage was going south. Just how far south Laura found out on something called speakers corner.  It was a way for the people of Toronto to  express themselves on TV.

This is where Lou came out of the closet on CITYV. Laura found out at the same time all of the greater Toronto area.   Needless to say the Igliati marriage was over in two years or less.  Laura spent time being bitter towards men and had a hard time trusting people after that.  Lou’s name was not to be mentioned in the Hamilton home but that didn’t stop Mrs. H from trying to coax Laura to move home and to fix her up with a man and make some grandchildren.  This caused a rift between Laura and mamabear.  She threw herself into a few meaningless office jobs.  Laura gave up the marital apartment and went on a hunt for new digs.

Laura quite literally ran into Gerrys cab in a parking lot.  She confessed to her high school friend that she was in bad shape due to a bad relationship and break up and was couch surfing with various friends and relatives.  It was driving her bananas and she needed a roof over her head before she ended up at home or the mental hospital.

It just so happened that Gerrys other job was as a building superintendant in the east end of Scarborough. There was a unit available and she decided to have a look. She and Gerry resumed a platonic relationship as they had in high school. Laura was not interested in anything else. It went along like that for years until of course someone parked a dead body in her living room.

For anyone who has read DEAD ON ARRIVAL and OVER HER DEAD BODY knows things started to get very interesting.  Stay tuned for the next chapter DAYTONA DEAD. Laura and Gerry are married and honeymooning in sunny Florida.  Watch out for car chases and the body count to rise.

About karenwritesmurder

I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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