Seeing double with Crimson and Kat


Wow I am doing double duty today as I have a chance to chat with Crimson Kildare and Kat Marlow soon to be published authors of their first Fantasy novel.

Hello Crim and Kat

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Crimson M. Kildare and Kat Marlow are good friends who decided to take their friendship and their creative camaraderie and turn it into a beautiful writing partnership.

Kat lives in a beautiful little town in one of those picturesque American coastal states. She is a lover of films, t.v., books, music and comedy as well as football and baseball. She especially loves sci-fi and like so many of us has a special place in her heart for Star Wars and Star Trek. She is a proud geek and collector of sci-fi toys and memorabilia. Her professional dreams, aside from the success of her books is to get a job writing in Hollywood for t,v., films or comic books! Her first favorite comic was Superman vs. Muhammad Ali, her first favorite album was the Star Wars soundtrack, and her favorite music at the moment is anything by John Barrowman. She has a truly stellar personality, warm, funny, kind hearted and honest. She’s the best friend you could hope for and a great partner.

Crimson lives in one of those picturesque Midwestern American states in the suburb of a large city. Like Kat she’s over 21 and ready to meet life head on. She lives with her family, sans pets due to the terror of allergies. She’s also a lover of books, films, t.v., music, art and especially sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and romance. Her first favorite book was Alice in Wonderland, her first favorite film was The Wizard of Oz, her first favorite song was Afternoon Delight by K.C. and the Sunshine Band and her current favorite is In The Mood as made famous by Glen Miller, although she also favors versions done by the Puppini Sisters and Brian Setzer and his Orchestra. She’s one of the most spiritual and loving people you will ever meet, is fiercely loyal to her family and friends, and a brilliant partner.

These women are eclectic and unpredictable and full of excitement for their future.

What genre do you write in?

Together: Multiple genres really, I think you could put our current work down most closely as Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

If you were forced to switch genres which would you write and why?

Crimson: I would say for me, paranormal and or Mysteries. I like things with suspense and intrigue.

Kat: I think supernatural stories in a gothic vein, or mysteries. The beauty of writing is that you’re able to combine all these genres. (grins)

If you were stranded on a desert island would you spend your time trying to get off or writing about the experience?

Crimson: My feeling is that any competent and intelligent woman writer would split her time fifty/fifty.

Kat: (giggles) Yeah, that makes a lot of sense!

Organic writer or plotter?

Crimson: More or less fifty/fifty, we plan and plot and let it flow and then do it again.

Kat: It depends. I’m usually more organic, since I rarely have an entire story thought out in my head. (giggles)

What’s your favorite genre to read?

Kat: Sci-fi hands down, with supernatural/gothic/romance/adventure close behind. Whatever category you would put the Lestat novels in! (chuckles)

Crimson: I don’t really have a single favorite genre. I tend to read mostly Sci-fi, fantasy, some horror, romance, supernatural/paranormal, Mystery and some action/adventure as well as some spiritual and biographical as well as historical and archeological works.

Kat: Yeah, I like to sink my teeth into a good non-fiction work myself. I’m a bit of a history buff.

Besides writing name another guilty pleasure?

Kat: It’s a tie between watching cheesy movies from the 70s and 80s, or spending time on Twitter! (giggles)

Crimson: I definitely see writing as an intense pleasure, but not a guilty one. I think my guilty pleasures are chocolate and popcorn and maybe my huge crush on my favorite actor.

Kat: Oh yeah… chocolate! Crushing on hot guys is pretty fun, too! (grins)

Do you listen to music while you write or do you need quiet?

Crimson: I need the rest of the world around me to be quiet and then sometimes into that quiet, I will allow some mood music.

Kat: I usually listen to music, but at a very low volume. I need all my other surrounding to be quiet and peaceful.

 If music, what kind?

Crimson: That depends on two things, my mood and what I’m writing. I try to listen to something that will bolster my muse for a given project.

Kat: It’s likely to be something mellow, like John Barrowman or Barry Manilow. I’ll also sometimes play soundtracks from certain films if what I’m working on has a more cinematic or epic feel.

 Is there a subject you won’t take on for moral or spiritual beliefs?

Crimson: No, I don’t think so. I am more likely to take the opportunity to write about my sense of morality and spirituality than reject something out of hand.

Kat: I get to choose what I write at the moment, so I’ve never had to cross that bridge. I’m pretty open about others’ spiritual beliefs, so that’s not really an issue for me. I hope my own sense of morality is the same as most folks’, and my writing can be an outlet for those beliefs.    If someone asked you to put them in a story would you and as what-villain, hero, or victim or just a bit part?

Crimson: Both counts would depend greatly on a number of factors. So first, would I? It would depend on who was asking. If it was someone I like, then I would consider it, assuming I knew them well enough personally or know enough about them through some other source to feel confident that I could depict them well enough that they could see themselves in it when it was finished. As to as what, that would depend on the story’s plot and setting and the wishes of the person who asked.

Kat: That’s pretty much my feeling on it.

Let’s read an excerpt from their joint project

Crimsons Book Cover

Excerpt of In The Wyverian Wilds

The Village of Drysor Y Ddraig was laid out at the foot a large, sloping hill. The back end of the hill and the far edge of the village were bordered by a rushing river that flowed over the edge of a cliff. It was a lush, green land full of trees, plants, wild life and small insects. A view filled with beauty and tranquility.

Jamie sat on the lawn behind the house of Yates looking out over the cliffs at the roaring water of the falls. He was lost in thought when the older man, Henry, who’d come with the visiting dignitaries walked over and sat down beside him. He looked up and offered him a small smile. His eye wandering over to see Idris still deep in conversation with Charles and …Val…Val was walking down along the edge of the cliffs on the far end of the lawn. He really, really needed to talk to Val, but where to begin?

Henry watched Jamie for a few minutes and then chuckled. “You’ve so many things on your mind at once you can’t form a single coherent thought about any one of them can you young one?”

“No, I guess I can’t. I…I just have so many questions…” Jamie answered.

“May I ask what sort of questions?”

“About how I got here to begin with…I mean yeah I was frozen and they thawed me out, okay…but how is that possible after all this time, without…any kind of medicine or science…with nothing to help them but a fire?

Henry looked at Val and then at Jamie and gave him a smile in return. “This is where you wish to begin? Talking with me, about the nature of things?”

Jamie spared a guilty look for Val whose back was turned to him in that moment. “I…I…yes, because I don’t know how to begin…anything else…”

Henry nodded as he errantly picked a few blades of tall grass and began to weave them in an intricate pattern as he considered the concerns mentioned.

“You have old knowledge Jamie, compared to what is known to most now. However compared to what I know and more importantly what Thera knows it is the knowledge of the young, of a child. Long, long ago, before the times your people were able to map out and attempted to explain with their analysis and sciences there was another world, another people. These people, they were the first ones, the first of all peoples, of all beings. They were not like you or I or anyone you’ve ever met. They were beings of…possibility. They took form as it pleased them, from them came all the variety of life that has ever existed from the smallest to the largest, from the most benign and powerless to the most clever and powerful. These people had knowledge to be sure, but their knowledge did not come from learning or analysis, but from the source of all things. They were born knowing. They also had healing and power, but theirs was made of the essence of all that is. You would call this magic. They did not have medicine, science or tools, because they did not need them. They had will. There came a time when some of these first ones grew to like physicality, to favor various forms and they chose to take on these forms permanently. This is where life on this world as we know it now and as you once knew it came from. Now I could explain this all in much greater detail, as I used to do for Charles and his brother Cedric when they were young, but my point is that Thera, the land, the earth herself she knew what was coming. She is part of all that is and is connected to it still. She knew that great rock in the sky would come and hit her. She knew the cataclysm it would bring, the harsh reality that would be brought to bear on the peoples on her surface. So she spoke to the Great Mother and together they began to make preparations…they began to rework the nature of the people so that they might survive. They rewove the power of their will for them, giving them back the magics they had abandoned long ago…

“Okay, okay whoaaa Nelly! So what you’re telling me, is that the Earth, who you call Thera, and the Great Mother…by which you mean the spirits of all nature and the planet re-engineered the DNA of the people to give them magic, because they would be robbed of all their tools and sciences?”


“Okay…And even “IF” I choose to believe that, it explains what happened to me how?” Jamie asked.

“Easily. You are sitting on the ground in the land of the Lords of Wyveria, a people who can slip their skin and become Dragons. A people who can cast spells and affect the elements, who can speak to the wee creatures and you find my explanation what…too farfetched? How does it explain you? Do you not listen when others speak to you Logan? Did you not yourself hear Idris say he felt you in all that ice, sensed you were there, that you were pulsing with life. Does that not ring any bells for you, as it were?”

“Are you saying that I…have some sort of…magic?” Jamie asked.

“As you said yourself, you were frozen in a block of ice for many thousands of years and yet you thawed out whole and undamaged, not even the biting of frost upon your fingers and toes. What else would that be, but a great ability to heal oneself?”

Jamie blinked, “You mean I can…regenerate?!” he asked startled.

Henry merely nodded and smiled. Then he looked at Val again. “You have it in you to be a great healer Jamie Logan, go start now. Heal with words, heal with your heart.” He said nodding toward Val and gave Jamie a small shove.


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