Juli Page Morgan is a former rock ‘n roll radio announcer who had the great luck to meet and interview lots of bands over the years. During those interviews she heard lots of interesting stories, but it was when the microphone was turned off and they were just hanging out that she heard – and saw – the really juicy stuff! Incorporating these revelations in her books (with names and locations changed to protect the innocent, and often the not-so-innocent!) lets her remember those wonderful people that briefly rocked through her life, and to take her readers on a hard rocking journey full of love, music and happy endings while giving a “backstage peek” at some of the things that really happened.  Her Romances that Rock™ include Crimson and Clover published by Crimson Romance, and Athena’s Daughter from Carey On Publishing.

Juli lives in Arkansas with her husband. When she’s not writing, she’s recording voiceovers for television commercials, remodeling her old house,  and trying to convince her husband the world won’t come to an end if the television is turned off.  She also listens to a lot of music at maximum volume and has never met a speed limit she didn’t exceed.  Juli’s an unapologetic lover of rock ‘n roll, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and French onion dip, not necessarily in that order.

Visit Juli at her website www.julipagemorgan.com!

A chat with Juli Page Morgan


What genre do you write in?

If you were forced to switch genres which would you write and why?
If I were forced, I don’t know that I could write. My books just come to me with no conscious decision to write either this or that, so if someone told me to write something specific it would be really hard. And probably not very good!

If you were stranded on a desert island would you spend your time trying to get off or writing about the experience?
Oh, getting off the island, absolutely! I’m too addicted to things like chocolate, the internet, and Tuesday nights watching Rizzoli and Isles to stay stuck on a desert island.

Organic writer or plotter?
I couldn’t plot my way out of a wet paper bag. I’ve tried, and it was a total disaster. So I just sit down and write, and get all surprised and excited by the way the story unfolds.

What’s your fave genre to read?
Romances are at the top of the list. I also love biographies and history books, and things that don’t fit into any real genre, like Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and Fanny Flagg’s books.

Besides writing name another guilty pleasure?
Killing flowers. I love flowers and would adore to have one of those yards with beds overflowing with blooms. Unfortunately, even artificial flowers die under my “care,” but it doesn’t stop me trying each year to have flower gardens. I do have four rose bushes and a lilac that are still thriving, so maybe my thumb is getting greener!

Do you listen to music while you write or do you need quiet?
Music! I can’t write if it’s quiet. I get twitchy.

If music, what kind?
Rock ‘n roll. And loud!

Is there a subject you won’t take on for moral or spiritual beliefs?
Not really. If something needs to be part of the story, then I put it in there. I won’t deliberately set out to stir the pot or offend anyone, but I won’t be untrue to the story.

If someone asked you to put them in a story would you and as what-villain, hero, or victim or just a bit part?
Since my characters usually appear with all their quirks and foibles already in place, I probably wouldn’t add someone if they asked. Plus, they might not like how they turned out!



About karenwritesmurder

I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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