All my characters- part one.

brown haired allison This is the girl a picture as I rate Laura.  I’ve been watching Alison Sweeney on days of our lives for years and things she would make an awesome fit for Laura and they both have attitude and a deep propensity to love and care for people in trouble.

Laura Hamilton – Fitz: she first a appears in Dead on arrival as Laura Hamilton.  At this point Laura is single, divorced, and kinda iffy on the subject of men as her first husband dumped her for another guy (ouch, that’s gotta hurt!).  Laura currently works for a collection agency as a receptionist/Skip Tracer.  She teams up with Gerry Fitz and Detective Gibbons to solve how and why a dead guy was left to rot in her apartment.

In book 2 – Over her dead body-Laura now works at the Moose Burger Emporium owned by her cousins Christian and Karen as a personnel manager for the restaurant.  Once again she help solve the murder of her neighbor Ethel Peterson and has shacked up with Gerry the hunky superintendent where she lives.  She and Gerry are currently engaged.  She also runs into her ex-husband Lou who has gotten a job at the restaurant as a chef.  (This could get really awkward unless they learn to coexist without killing each other.)

Book 3 – Daytona dead Laura and Gerry are on their honeymoon where the usual happens – murder

book 4 – Dead men don’t swing.  Laura is attending college to become a CSI.  Has many run-ins with the tenant association president who is a pain in the butt.  Helps Gibbons solve the mystery of the dead swinger in the dumpster.

Book 5 – Jamaica dead. Laura and Gerry are on vacation in the Caribbean where they meet of a lot of new friends along with an obnoxious bore of a man and his wife.  She cooperates with the local police when Donovan Mitchell (the obnoxious bore) is found dead in a most heinous manner (can you say voodoo?)

galen gering Galen Gerring-plays Rafe Hernandez on days of our lives (do you see a pattern emerging here?)  He played opposite Alison Sweeney as Samantha Brady and would make a great match for Laura as Gerry.  He’s definitely easy on the eyes and would have no trouble carrying Laura off to safety when she gets herself in a pickle.

Gerry Fitz–hunky building superintendent, we meet in dead on arrival.  Laura moves in with him briefly when somebody is stalking her.  He falls into lust with her and lust turns to love eventually.  By book to they are engaged. Even though he really doesn’t like the fact that she gets her self in the trouble and in danger while doing the amateur sleuth thing.  This is almost a deal breaker, but he loves her enough, knowing he can’t change the way she is.  “She has the propensity for getting into trouble like a porterhouse steak and a pack of hungry Dobermans!”  – Anna Celeste Burke in her review of Daytona dead.  He is happy when his wife goes back to school to become a CSI that means she’ll only be investigating crimes after they happen (or so he thinks).  There is never a dull moment in his life when Laura is around.

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Simon Baker as Detective Gibbons.  (Peter, Janes from the mentalist). He looks like he might have to loosened his tie and chill out a bit.  Detective Gibbons is a by the book kind of police officer when we first meet him but we soon see him taking shortcuts and looking the other way when it appears that Laura and Gerry are into deep.  They soon become friends with the detective and he is the best man at their wedding.  Simon appears to have attitude but he needs to drop the hunky Australian accent for this role.

Detective Jeff Gibbons– he is the detective called to the scene when the dead body is found at Laura’s apartment building.  While he knows she’s not guilty lasted used tough love on her get her to back down solve the crime before she gets hurt Jeff and Laura go head to head on a few issues but quickly become friends.

These are the three major characters in my Laura and Gerry series.  More guest characters and reoccurring ones and blogs to come

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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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