He Thought He Saw – Part 5

Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redAfter the bear breaks into the basement, and is run off by the police, Brian finds sleeping again hard. Eventually, he’s able to rest.

Finally, around dawn, he closed his eyes and dozed off. He woke when his mother tapped on his door.

“I had a feeling you’d be home. I called you in already. You feeling alright?”

“A little tired, but okay. Did you call the carpenter yet?”

“He’ll be here soon. I thought you might like some breakfast before he arrives. He might need your help. His assistant didn’t come in.”

“Gotcha.” He got up and dressed.

Breakfast was pancakes and sausage with scrambled eggs fixed the way he loved them, with cheese and bacon bits. Mr. Hampton arrived right as he finished eating. Brian took him to the basement to show him the devastation.

“Wow, you don’t see that every day. Say it was a bear?”


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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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