Midnight owl by Viv Drewa featured in MYSTERY GONE MAD

               MYSTERY GONE MAD                                 MIDNIGHT OWL



Carole didn’t understand it. She just said it was a ‘gut feeling’ and left it at that. The only thing she didn’t like about this ‘gift’, was knowing when people were going to die. No matter how hard she tried to ignore the signs they always haunted her. What was she going to do with it anyway? She didn’t want it and didn’t like it. And, unfortunately, that was all her gift was, knowing when people would die. Her mother, on the other hand, could tell when something was going to happen; good or bad. She wouldn’t admit it to anyone, even though her family and Karen knew, but the real reason she didn’t want to get involved with anyone was because she saw her fiancée’s death. The vision upset her and when the car crash actually happened, she was devastated. Brent and Carole had dated for almost two years before he proposed. They set a date and had started making all the arrangements when the accident happened. From that time on she decided she wouldn’t get involved with anyone. She didn’t want to feel that pain ever again.


Carrington, who was slightly leaning over the arm, jumped a little and turned to see Leverette. “Hi,” was all he said as he gained his composure. “Think it’s from the same gal?” Leverette asked as he looked at the right arm. “Nails are painted the same red, and the cut looks the same. I think it might be. Won’t know for sure,” he said as he straightened himself. “I heard they found another arm at a home,” Leverette said. “Yeah, Marcie’s at that one. Barb called just now and said she’s pretty sure it’s the same woman. The other leg, that is.” “I wonder how much more he cut up,” Leverette said. “I was wondering the same thing,” Carrington said. “He might have removed the head and cut the body into pieces. Won’t know until, or if, we get the rest of her.”


“Let me put the other tape in,” he said, ejecting the first one and putting in the second. He fast forwarded to just before the time stamp on the first tape. As he got closer to the time, with Leverette and Marsden looking over his shoulders, he stopped the tape. “There’s a figure there,” Marsden said. “Can you wind it back a bit?” “You bet,” Andy said and wound it back about ten minutes and let it play. The three watched as a dark figure approached and looked up into the camera. It held up the arm as if taunting them. Then it walked the few steps to the pallets and laid it right on the top palette. It turned, looked back up at the camera, saluted and walked away.viv drewa



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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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