51gyplorx4l-1“Owen Stark sat speechless on the examining table as she rushed out of the room. Wait! What the hell was that? But she was gone before he had a chance to say anything. He realized his heart was racing. Who was this crazy, beautiful girl? He looked around the modest examining room. The cold steel and clinical air of the room chilled him. His clothes sat on the plastic chair in the corner. Her seat had rolled aimlessly into the corner when she hit it as she exited hastily. What am I thinking? Fuck, she’s an officer! Fraternization is strictly forbidden. But damn, she is beautiful. His heart and groin ached mercilessly at the thought of her. The impact made him realize how long it had been. The past few months in the hills of Afghanistan did not present an opportunity to indulge in such fantasies. While back on leave for a little R&R, he had thought to hook up with Lila or Paige, but that seemed empty and pointless now. Now all he could think of were those tiny gentle hands and that perfect pouty mouth. He recalled seeing her for the first time that morning, sprawled at the bottom of the steps, amidst a sea of dark hair. The bewildered look on her soft beautiful face had moved him. Her eyes were such an incredibly bright blue they reminded him of cobalt. How did I not see her? He had been in a fierce debate with his team member Sergeant Colin over the recent explosion that took the life of Sergeant Jackson in Afghanistan. The army’s lack of action where this was concerned made him see red. He had been mad as hell as he burst out of the CO’s office. Then seeing her on the ground, realizing he had caused her to fall, his heart almost stopped. He had rushed to help her but felt suddenly helpless, looking into those innocent eyes. When he picked her up, for the first time he could remember, he had been at a loss for words. She was a complete stranger, a sexy-as-hell stranger, but the warmth and strange familiarity of her touch made him feel alive. Really alive, when so much of him had been dead for so long. The rush he felt with her in his arms shook him to his core. Her voice was soft and sweet; it flowed from her full lips like a melody, exciting him. He had instantly wanted to claim that sweet mouth. And then she was gone. He had waited around for a while, hoping she would come back out but he had to get ready for his post-deployment physical. Of all the fucking luck—she turned out to be the doctor who did his physical. That makes her a captain and off-limits, he reminded himself. But he knew she felt something too. He had sensed it when she was close to him. Seeing her blush while she worked with him was so disarming. He groaned, thinking of the way her eyes sparkled as if some deliciously wicked thought was playing out in her head. Oh, I can show you wicked thoughts, baby. His cock throbbed at the memory of her standing so close, touching his skin, examining his shoulder. Her cheeks had flushed so pink…how he would like to see her pink all over. The thought of bending her over the exam table and warming that perfect ass with the sting of his hand almost sent him over the edge. Remembering he was still in the office, he quickly dressed and went out toward the reception area. There was no sign of her. He stood in the hall for a moment, listening for her voice. “Whew! Bet that was some exam!” A nasally sing-song voice mocked. He whirled around to see the middle-aged nurse behind him. She was bossy and outspoken as hell but there was a twinkle in her eye that let him know she was on his side—an ally in his new pursuit. The crafty nurse smiled as she continued. “Sounds like you’re going to need to do some running to wear off all that energy. Don’t see how you kids do it, running morning and night up there on the new trails.” She turned as if to make sure he was still listening, then added, before sauntering into the next patient’s room, “Why, with all that running and working, it’s no wonder the doc doesn’t have time to date….” Sergeant Stark made his way into the waiting area. He stopped at the clerk’s desk to get his script and check out. Christ, this can’t be it. I have to find a reason to stay. “Will I need a follow-up exam for my arm?” he asked in an attempt to schedule more of his sexy doctor’s time. The clerk stared up at him dreamily. “Oh, you can follow up with your team doc or we’d be happy to see you back here,” she replied, gushing at him as most women did. He was surprised at his near annoyance to her reaction to him. Nevertheless, he thanked her and took the appointment before he turned to leave. The sight of the NUGs reminded him that they too would be getting physicals. The thought made him flush with jealousy. What the hell! Who cares, it’s her job. He realized his feelings were childish but the thought of her touching those punks or worse, the little pukes enjoying it, pissed him off. Best damn turn and cough of their lives. Fuck! Hey, I didn’t get a hernia check…shit, I should have complained about something below the belt. Why couldn’t I have had shrapnel in my upper thigh? Stopping in front of the NUGs as he left, he leaned into the group. “On your best behavior in there, you little shits, or you will pay for it for months.” His voice was cold and menacing. The NUGs nodded wide-eyed and confused. Stark walked out the door. He knew it was crazy. He knew it went against all the rules, both professional and personal. He knew it would probably be the biggest mistake of his life. But he didn’t care—he knew that some way, somehow, he had to see her again.


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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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