Excerpt: ‘Still my President’ The MC Series Book 10: Ricky BY L.ANN MARIE



When the door closes, I pull my phone and type what he said word for word. Then what he threw as he was leaving. “He reminds me of my dad sometimes and VP at others.” I finish and look up. “I always see Cloud in him. His sense of honor and loyalty are unshakeable. In time, he will be more like VP with the commands and no explanations, but all leaders hate to explain their decisions.” He laughs. “I’m seeing a pattern.” “We need to meet Pres. I’m glad Christian isn’t showing.” “Do we need Inner Circle?” I look at him. “It’s not mine to decide. We bring it to Pres and he’ll tell us what’s next.” He stops then walks into his office. “Brother, you’re the ability guy. Pres freaks the fuck out with anything ability.” I love Rich, admire him and have a fuck ton of respect for him—but I want to fuckin’ clock him. “You charted the kids and gave Pres that information?” He steps back with his hand up. “Yeah, a long time ago, but I did—we all did.” “Every fuckin’ one of his Inner Circle did except my dad. Not one of you ever noticed the kids didn’t match the abilities predicted or guessed at? Not one of you ever noticed Christian never had shit but vision and reader under his name? He freaks the fuck out because he never had the right information. Not until Christian took his place and handed it to him. You want better reactions, give him better fuckin’ information.” I open the door and walk out. “This is his to decide. He’s still my fuckin’ President.” I throw over my shoulder. “Brother.” I keep walking. “Ricky stop for a fuckin’ second,” he yells. I spin around. “The only reason I’m fuckin’ stopping is because my Officer told me to!” “Jesus Ricky calm down. We can talk with the other Brothers and let them know why he was freaking out.” “You’re doing that without me Brother. I didn’t like where I was, but I always believed in Pres. I didn’t like seeing the kids hurt by the inactivity, but I knew I didn’t have all the information. I got pissed, but got over it when I calmed down. I even hated saying no to him when Dakota said it was needed, but I never once lost faith. You want to meet with the Brothers to explain what they should know, go for it. I’m not one of them. His decisions were made with half the fuckin’ information and not one of you will own that—but you judge him. You all did. There are too many readers here for that one to get lost. Are we fuckin’ done here?” He nods and I turn around and drop my head forward. “Fuckin’ meeting rooms everywhere and he stops me in a hall.” I mumble then lift my head. “Sorry Pres, Brothers. It’s with facts not disrespect that I answered him.” “You need a cut that doesn’t have you bowing down to the Officers. I’ll take care of that at church. Tiny order a President’s cut with second on it.” “On it Pres.” “Everyone in my meeting room.” He so pissed he’s shaking. I turn ready for this meet to be done and it hasn’t even started. “Stay Ricky.” I look down until they all pass by. I’m still pissed at them. “They’re by.” I look at him glad he’s not pissed that I wouldn’t look at them. “Dakota told you to tell me no?” Fuck. He had to hear everything of course. “Yeah Pres, I couldn’t say, it was a vision that had to play out.” That was a fuckin’ day to remember—Dakota was telling me what to say and when to stay quiet. Everyone was thinking he didn’t know what he was doing and didn’t hide a bit of it. With the warning in place, I felt like shit, but it worked out and Pres ended up telling me why he kept the kids covered in KC. He nods then finally smiles. “Good fuckin’ job.” He walks away and I’m holding my laugh. Okay then. Excerpt: ‘Still my President’ The MC Series Book 10: Ricky

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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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