Sinfully Sexy!! Book 2 in The Anthology Novella Series will have you begging for more!

Victoria Remington is one of the best supernatural hunters that an elite team of special forces has. But, there seems to be a slight problem. She now has a price on her head. And, it just so happens to be a price offered by the very Demon who killed her parents so many years ago. 

Determined to protect her at all cost, her superior forces her to take a leave of absence and just lay low for a little while…which makes for a very ticked off hunter. 
Part Were and part Fey, this beautiful force of nature is deadly on a good day. Imagine what she’s like when she’s angry! 

Camden Stark retired from the same team that Victoria now works for when he was nearly killed by the same Demon who now wants Victoria dead. Having a favor called in on him, Camden is asked to keep an eye on the stunning hybrid to make sure that she’s kept safe. But the question of the day is… is he? 

From the moment that these two lay eyes on each other it’s like the 4th of July and the sparks fly. Two strong fighters thrown together on a tropical island for an entire month. Sound like paradise? Not even close. 

Join this pair as they spar and argue and maybe…just maybe, find that sometimes what you’ve been looking for your entire life can be right next door…and you didn’t even know it. 

From romance author Darlene Kuncytes comes book 2 in The Anthology Novella Series! Summer Sin! 
A complete short story of Paranormal Romance!
Lose yourself and fall completely, totally in love! Romance, heat…laugh out loud fun! 
**These are short paranormal romances intended for mature readers. Enjoy! **

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Well what can I say when the name Author Darlene Kuncytes comes up for a new book I pay attention. I know without a doubt its going to be an awesome read and a must be for my kindle. Summer Sin was no exception. This was a short story about Victoria a wolf/fey and Camden a hot alpha male wolf. With most short stories you feel rushed with Summer Sins it was well written and done in such a way that it didn’t feel rushed and the Author managed to cover a wonderful love story between the two. The book flowed and I loved the story line. I hope to see more of these two in the future. Great Book. I would recommend anything this author writes.




“Victoria spent the next three days holed up in the house like a damn hermit. Whenever she tried to go out and sit out on the deck or go for a run, she found Mr. Hottie sitting out on his, just staring over in her direction…and it was beginning to frustrate the ever loving hell out of her. He would see her, flash that perfect smile of his, and a nod… and she would slink away like a frightened little rabbit. What in the good God was wrong with her? She didn’t run! She faced her adversaries head on. Why was it then that this arrogant fool rattled her so? By the end of the third day, she found that she just couldn’t take it any longer. Her self-imposed exile was excruciating and she needed to get out. She needed to release some of the pent-up energy that had accumulated over the past few days of her isolation before it came to a boil and exploded like a nuclear bomb. Victoria dug around in one of the suitcases that she hadn’t even bothered to unpack yet and quickly slipped into one of the many, many bikinis that she had been talked into purchasing. She glanced at the clock and realized with a start that it was already just a little after midnight. Oh well, she thought with an irritated huff. Hopefully by now, Mr. Hottie had turned in for the night and wouldn’t be lurking out on his deck like some sort of creeper. Or better yet, maybe he had gone out somewhere for a little entertainment. Now, that would be perfect! As soon as she stepped from the house, her eyes instantly swept over to the deck next door, and she expelled a soft sigh of relief when she saw nothing but a dark, quiet house. Yes! There was a God after all! She headed down to the beach with a renewed spring in her step and unceremoniously dove into the glorious water without a moments hesitation. Needing to expel some of her pent-up energy, she swam as hard and as fast as she could; relishing in the gentle ache of her muscles as she did. As much as she hated to admit it to herself, the warm ocean water was a much welcomed relief as it wrapped itself around her body. The water was amazing and the exercise was just what she needed after being stagnant for days on end. Victoria absolutely detested sitting around and she definitely couldn’t take the chance of getting soft merely because she was avoiding her damned neighbor! She let herself go and lost herself to the wonderful calm that was enveloping her. And…it was amazing. It was as if she had fallen into a whole other world of an almost spiritual peace and it was soothing her taught nerves like nothing ever had before. When she was sure that she had gone out far enough, she reluctantly decided that it was time to head back; feeling much more relaxed than she had in months. She grinned as she dove back under the water, the silence around her almost deafening; and she loved it! It was absolute Heaven! As Victoria broke the surface of the water, she shrieked in surprise at the wall of muscle standing waist deep directly in front of her like a freaking mountain! His solid chest bare and his muscular arms folded across it, Mr. Hottie glared down at her in what looked to be nothing less than murderous rage and she instantly felt her hackles raise. “Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?” he ground out slowly, his teeth gnashing together as his eyes practically glowed, and she could hear the steady beating of his heart over the waves crashing around them. Victoria held firm, squaring her shoulders as she glared right back at him. “Excuse me?” she replied, her own eyes snapping fire now as the two of them seemed to square off. Just where in the hell did he get off speaking to her like that? She would drop the arrogant ass where he stood! “What are you doing out here alone?” he barked and Victoria had the insane urge to gouge his eyes out as she watched them blatantly travel over her body very thoroughly as he spoke, each syllable grating on her nerves like nails on a chalkboard. What an ass! “I was going for a swim,” she snapped back at him, not about to let this lout talk to her like that. Oh, Hell no! “Not that it’s any damned business of yours!” He studied her in silence for a very long moment and Victoria found herself suddenly growing extremely uncomfortable. She knew that the bikini she wore didn’t leave much to the imagination, but she hadn’t exactly been thinking that she would be accosted in the middle of night either. Thank the Gods that she hadn’t gone with her first instinct to go skinny dipping! She watched him watching her and fought off the urge to cover herself with her arms, but only a moment later she once again straightened her spine defiantly. Screw that noise. She wouldn’t let this jackass intimidate her. She was a hunter for God’s sake! And a damned fine one at that. “Do you have any idea at all how dangerous this is?” he ground out finally, his voice lower now, more husky, and Victoria felt a shiver run across her spine with a will of its own. As much as it was like pulling teeth to admit it – the man was earth shatteringly gorgeous. Those full, perfect lips, square jaw and intense golden eyes that seemed to hold you in their spell were almost surreal. She knew in an instant that he was a full-blooded Were; there was just no mistaking it. He had that intense animalistic darkness about him that there was just no denying. That look of a dangerous predator, always on the prowl. She took a deep breath and tried to step around him, ignoring the heat of his flesh as her arm brushed up against him when a small wave caused her to stumble slightly. Shit! “Thank you for your concern,” she sputtered indignantly, trying hard to control her temper. “But I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself just fine.” He turned and gently grabbed her arm, stilling her in an instant. She felt a squeak of surprise pass her lips and inwardly cringed at her response to the man. She didn’t this reaction to him at all. She was stronger than this!”






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