Two weeks before Halloween, Jason McNab and Dustin Karp planned a fright-filled trip with ten friends. Dustin, the owner of a multi-million-dollar entertainment empire, purchased a large million-dollar bus to travel to the best haunted houses on the east coast. The trip, fueled by their desire to experience scary events together, takes them to the famed Sleepy Hollow cemetery for a midnight walk through the creepy darkness. Paid actors jumped out at them dressed in ghoulish costumes Though they knew it was a show, the frightful events gave them shivers of fear. As they proceed, strange things begin to occur. An eerie presence offered subliminal messages that none understood, directing them to an evil place. 
The second stop to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they entered a haunted mansion funded by the local government for the children of the town. Though it wasn’t as scary as their previous walk through the darkness, two of his friends found love. Still, messages sent to their mind continued until one of the group found an old poem. The poem directed them to a new destination in Perry, West Virginia, in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. An urban legend about an evil rural avenue, named Lemon Road, fascinated them. A place not on any map, a cursed road, an evil road that ran in front of the Wedekindt Manor. A place that houses a morbidly evil woman who lures the living to her realm for her own sadistic needs. To get there they had to meet the author of the poem who had advanced Alzheimer’s disease. 
The author’s son ran an old rundown general store in the mountains and told the group that his father is the only one who can relay the story to them. They wanted to travel the road. They craved adventure. They wanted to be scared. The old man would not speak unless each swallowed a pill that turned out to be candy. He told of monumental evil on the road and the witch of the manor, Janet Wedekindt. Whose family name was at the end of their line. The Group of friends embark on the last leg of their Halloween journey, but will they return, or will they suffer the perils of Lemon Road. Death is traveling the road with them in the form of a vintage corvette deemed the Yellow Ghost. However, that isn’t the only thing that haunt their thoughts because the cursed avenue needs to feed. Pain endures until death offers relief. Take the pill and travel the evil road.

41AigbNa46L._SY346_ Lemon Road

March 1, 2018

Format: Paperback
Lemon Road: Gary D. Henry

Lemon road
Just how far will you go to have a adventure? Would you risk death just to satisfy your curiosity? What started out, as their usual visits to haunted cemeteries or museums will turn into the biggest nightmare of their lives? Each member of the group will face demons, obstacles and inner fears and terror never before experienced all because they dared to travel the lemon road.
Jason McNab, Dustin Karp and ten other friends will at the end of this frightful journey learn many hard lessons in life. Friendships will be tested. Fear will rise to a new heights and few will ever be the same after Dustin, the owner of a multi-million dollar entertainment empire, decides to buy a huge bus that’s as large as a mansion and can house all of his friends and travel and visit the scariest haunted houses on the east coast. Scary is putting it mildly as the trip will take them far into the depths of the famed Sleepy Hollow cemetery for s midnight walk into the depths of darkness. As you take the walk with them you the reader will have to decide what is real, what is staged and just who is jumping out at these unsuspecting visitors. What is real and what is fake? But, this was just the beginning of the terrors they would experience as the next stop was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where the group added another member named Blake. Every step of the way things happen and strange happenings will make you the reader wonder what is being the subliminal messages that no one really understands, what is the reference to Lemon Road? The local government funds the haunted mansion in Pennsylvania for children of the town. Things spiral out of control and the fear factor is ever present after one of the group finds the poem titled Lemon Road. After reading the poem they find their way to Perry, West Virginia in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains and from this point on I must warn you, that you are entering dangerous territory and reading this at your own risk. Evil is everywhere once they take their bus and find their way to the Lemon Road. But, most would think that traveling this desolate road was not anything odd but the man who directed them there, told them about this road since you won’t find it on any map, this evil road ran in front of the Wedekindt Manor. Wait until you meet the Janet. First, understand that not everything you see will appear to be real to some of those traveling in this bus. Some will drink their ways into oblivion. Others will find their own definition of love and trust while some might find that things are not what they expected them to be and although they want to return home, well the bus has other ideas and the red Ferrari that is housed in the back, well you have to wait and see the role it plays.
Meet the son of the author of the poem and the author of the poem in person and if they don’t scare you away and make you run for the hills then you must be as daring as our thirteen unsuspecting friends.
The lure of the house draws these young people in but meeting Janet changes it all. She is more than sadistic; she is delusional, grazed and controlling. Not even thinking about the needs of anyone else she assigns each person a room, takes liberties with some of them but within the novel we realize there is much more to who Janet is and what she has planned. Those that remain on the bus for any length of time also learn that something on the bus is not quite right and there might be a demon there causing odd occurrences to happen, losing light, food spoiling and well you have to join them to learn more. Traveling the road will change their lives forever and wanting to explore and have unusual adventures this might change their minds in the future that’s if they live long enough to survive. Some lose limbs, some will die but not everything is what it appears to be. As Dustin is the main catalyst in the story and is driven to become the hero of many and the savior of some while hoping to find his own soul mate.
Meet Remy and the Yellow Ghost or the corvette that will take you down, run you over and leave you for dead. Each character is forced to take the pill that the man who’s leading them to the road insists that they take before even speaking to them. Just entering the mansion and dealing with Janet several will disappear. Just who or what is Camille and why is she targeted? What about Jim? What about our author in the novel Glen?
Five days to leave and escape. Will they survive and will they somehow find a way out of the mansion and back home? But, taking the bus and driving down Lemon Road they use up gas and realize they are getting nowhere. How can they ride for hours and wind up where they started or are they imagining things?
When events get out of control and Kristin, who is now Dustin love interest disappears, Sonya and Blake have some strange romps in the woods and other characters exhibit odd behaviors, you won’t believe how author Gary B. Henry sorts it all out, brings it all together and you will learn what is real, what is in your imagination as these characters along with you the reader enter your very own TWILIGHT ZONE! As Alfred Hitchcock Presents, that my mom loved to watch, presented an ending that you would never get, or Masterpiece Theater and the one and only Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone: Make sure that you have enough food, flashlights, protective gear, weapons if needed, clothes before you dare to find out what happens when you along with Dave, Dustin, Kathryn, Glen, Kristin, Camille and the rest dare to enter the Yellow Bus and drove down LEMON ROAD!
“ A thousand times over. Let her live and I’ll gladly allow Remy to run over me as many times as he wants. I’d do that for any of my friends.” Just how loyal is Dustin and why is he willing to risk his life and for whom? Just what will Janet try to do to Kristin? What is the reason for her rage? What happens when Remy goes after Dustin? Learn what happens when he comes face to face with the hands of death. Learn the truth when a startling revelation is revealed. Just what is Lemon Road! Who will you meet if you decide to join them on this mansion bus? Which of you and your friends will learn the truth behind Janet’s rage and will Remy win or will the group take him out? Take the bus ride. Eat the gourmet foods, have a drink and find yourself in a world of horror, death and destruction on the dangerous path to LEMON ROAD!
Characters that are well placed, dialogue that is realistic and a story that will scare you from start to finish as author Gary D. Henry’s imagination is equal to my favorite writer: Edgar Allen Poe.


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