Only a true hero can shine the light in humanity’s darkest time. THE LAST TIMEKEEPERS AND THE DARK SECRET BY SHARON LEDWITH



October 25, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition
I will start by saying that I have read the first book in The Timekeepers series and I thought that this one was much better than the first. The writing got much better in this one. It was easier to follow who was who in this book. The author didn’t switch back and forth between characters first and last names as much in this book, actually rarely at all. It made it much easier to follow.

The beginning of this book started out wonderfully. The writing immediately grabbed my attention. I started flying through the first half of the book. I was enjoying the story, the humorous ways the characters teased each other lovingly and the adventure was one that really piqued my interest. It had some funny moments.

Midway, or closer to the end the story just seemed to lose its sparkle for me. I found myself losing interest and becoming distracted. I think things started happening too quickly and too much at once. I just started to feel like it was being rushed. Towards the very end of the story events started to catch my attention again and keep my interest.

There was a cute little surprise in the story and it had some sweet moments. There was one particular event that happened close to the end that kind of confused me. One moment someone or something was gone, but then in the end of the story returned. I don’t know if I was missing something or what. It wasn’t really explained how this came to be.

I loved that a particular very important lady from History plays a part as a character in this story. I thought the short role she played was brilliant in this story and I think it was one of the parts of this book that I most enjoyed.

All in all, this book was not too bad. It was very imaginative and refreshing. It seems that the author gets better with each book. I would probably read the next book in this series because of this reason. Romance seems to be starting to develop a little bit for some of the characters so I would like to see where it goes.

Fans of Rick Riordan’s middle grade novels may enjoy reading this series.

giphy (1)DARKSECRETREV.gif

“I wonder what else is down here.” Drake beamed his cell phone across the basement, hitting jars of jams, pickles, and relishes. His stomach growled.

Jordan pulled the cheese from his pocket and handed it to Drake. “Trade you for your phone.”

“Best. Trade. Ever.” Drake passed his phone to Jordan.

Jordan walked over and grabbed a jar of pickles off the dusty shelf. At least they wouldn’t arrive at the baron’s place hungry. He hoped his uncle had managed to stop Amanda’s bleeding. His hand tightened over the jar, the ridges of the lid cutting into his palm. A scrape from behind the shelves made Jordan jump.

“Hello?” he asked, pushing jars aside. He flashed the cell phone into the small, dark area.

“Who ya talking to, Jordan?” Drake asked with his mouth full of cheese.

“Shhh, Drake.” Jordan listened. Hearing nothing, he shrugged and turned back around.

“I thought I heard—” Jordan stopped and pointed the phone at Ravi. His jaw dropped. “A-Are you serious, Sharma?”

Drake spat out his cheese, snorting with laughter.

“Is there a problem?” Ravi asked, tying the bowtie of his tuxedo.

“You look like a penguin with attitude!” Drake slapped his knee.

“Say what you want, but I’m glad we didn’t hit the cleaners on the way to school now,” Ravi replied, pulling down his sleeves, “or else I wouldn’t have these dry clothes.”

Jordan chuckled. Suddenly, he heard a door creak open, followed by heavy footsteps squeaking down the stairs. Panicking, Jordan stuffed Drake’s phone in his track suit jacket’s pocket and waved Drake over by the shelves. Drake slipped behind Jordan just in time, before the small light bulb above the bottom of the stairs clicked on. Jordan swallowed hard. There, staring directly at Ravi was a portly man in a blood-stained apron. Tufts of blond hair sprouted from the sides of his balding head. His brown trousers were pulled up past his waist, making him resemble an evil garden gnome. In one of his hands, he held a huge butcher knife, its blade flecked with blood.

Wielding the knife, the man pointed at Ravi. “Who are you?”

Ravi licked his thick lips nervously. “The name’s Bond. James Bond.”




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