Meet Miguel Saber in book 6 of the exciting Providence series! SABERS ATHOS By L.Ann Marie


Book Six Continues our Providence Story with Former SEAL Miguel Saber.
Quiet player, FBI Ops Commander, military hero…Miguel climbs out of his yearlong funk and owns his asinine behavior just in time to meet Kyra with her heart-stopping smile, no name, no background and the memory of dead relatives she can’t talk about. 
Our sexy Spaniard isn’t going to let her get away but has no idea of what he’s getting into.
The golden girls provide our comic relief to this story of love, redemption and acceptance. 
Action and adventure comes with help from the Princes and MC. 
Jump into the mystery, fast-paced action scenes, the heart-wrenching story line and once again the laugh out loud situations. The Providence FBI Ops Office is waiting for you.

sabers athos

September 14, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Well, L. Ann Marie did it again. Miguel finally finds the woman meant for him. The Saber family suffers a deep and violent betrayal from within. There is a happy ending but only after much anguish, violence and an appearance by our favorite bikers and a few Baxters.

September 14, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
You never disappoint… I laughed till I cried… the story held me in it’s grip till I was done. You touched on ever one letting me know how they are doing ( like real people in a other world) I loved seeing how much m grew it took a while 🙂 good to know p… got what he deserved at the end…. GREAT JOB can’t wait to see what world you create next.

Saber’s Athos: Book Six (The Providence Series 6) Kindle Edition

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