Former Green Beret turned FBI Tactical Commander, Brekan Graywolf, never expected to see his old team lead or friend again. Landing at EROP feels surreal. SABERS D’ARTAGNAN L.ANN MARIE

Dt2.jpg   Damaged Colonel Graywolf steps into our FBI EROP Unit. With burns on half his body, beauty and the beast is not a fairy tale, but everyday life for Brekan. Finding old friends, the love that got away and a new connection to his ancestors, he starts to rebuild. If only life were that easy. 

Former Green Beret turned FBI Tactical Commander, Brekan Graywolf, never expected to see his old team lead or friend again. Landing at EROP feels surreal. 
Loving Harper was never easy, but he spent too long fueled by anger and needs an explanation. She’s got a chain around his neck that saved his life, but not his body. With burns covering one side of him, Brekan moves to the place he knows she’ll show eventually. 
Harper is not the person to put up with bullshit. She’s not happy and doesn’t think he’s a good addition to the unit. Her unit. She is not moving away from family and the job she loves for him. He just better stay out of her life. 

April 22, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Love this series. Saber’s D’Artagnan is a second chance romance. Two year ago Green Beret, Brekan Graywolf and Dr Harper Lecompte were talking about getting married. Then he was put on an long term assignment by her father. Harper was heart broken. Brekan was furious. He never heard from Harper after he told her about his assignment.
Brekan almost didn’t survive, his last tour of duty. His team was compromised and left for dead. Severely burned he was given a medical discharge, when he made his way to safety. He has been offered a chance with the FBI under Raphael Saber as commander of Team D’Artagnan, their assault team. Brekan sees this as an opportunity for closure. Harper’s memory and his anger at her father has kept him going. His love for Harper is unchanged, he just wants closure, and if she is happy, he will be happy for her.
Harper is furious to see Brekan, the man she spent a year with. The man who said he loved her. The man who said he wanted to marry her. The man how took a long term assignment under her father, where he had to pose as married. She doesn’t handle it well.
The truth will set them both free, but not with out a lot of pain and soul searching. Harper and Brekan fine their way, back to each other. There are a few bumps to get through. They have good friends on the team who offer support and tough love when it’s needed. Especially Ford. He proves to to be a good and wise friend. He and Brekan forge a close friendship. He takes on a big brother roll with Harper.
Miguel, cause some problems. He doesn’t handle things well. I have to give it to him he was willing to fight for what he thought he wanted, it did cost him. He is going to have to work to get back the respect he lost.
Brekan is welcomed to the RI reservation by Little Ben, Christian, Dakota, Taylor, Jessie, with assurances that he doesn’t involve himself in their affairs. Aiyana befriends him and offers her healing gift with some support from Dakota, to help with his burn scars. A great inclusion of the other series, in just the right amount.
Loved Breken’s grandfather and father.
The golden girls are calming down some, but as crazy as ever. Are staring to find their second chances at happily ever afters.
Cant’t wait for the next book.



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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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