Chapter 2  Present Day    Carolyn


I look at my leg and am shocked by what I see! “Hey what happened?”

Across the room, a patient spoke up. “You were in an accident. Do you need a nurse honey?”

I nodded “yeah, maybe.”  I feel confused. What day was it? More importantly who was that strange man claiming we were married?”

Minutes later the guy calling himself Patrick was back with a nurse. The nurse, whose name was Amy approached her.

“Hello Mrs. Adams, you seem distressed.”

“Yes, what the hell happened to me? This man says I was hit by a car.”

“Yes, ma’am that’s what the police said. Can I call you Carolyn?”

“Yeah, I guess, if that’s my name. I really don’t remember anything.” I stated.

I checked your ID it says your 55 and you live here in town. You are a college Instructor according to your employee badge. This man here is your husband Patrick. Do you want Proof?

Maybe, everything is a bit foggy.

Patrick showed me his ID and a picture of us and two grown boys.

We have kids? I asked not remembering them either. The were handsome and looked like their dad.

Yeah we do Steve is 26 and Oliver is 24. They live in Vancover. I haven’t told them about your accident but if I know our guys they will want to see you.

Oh well please not yet. I don’t even remember you.

That’s okay dear we’ll figure this out.

I’m sorry sir that picture does look like you but I still don’t remember you.

Sir is a bit much Carolyn. You can call me Pat.

Amy spoke up. “Carolyn you may have a head injury so I am going to ask the doctors to arrange a CT scan.   Mr. Adams I think we should let your wife rest. Come back later she might be better.

Patrick nodded and said to me “get some rest Carrie. You’ve had a rough night. I will talk to you later.”

I didn’t speak so he and the nurse left. I do feel tired so maybe a nap would help. I drifted off and I dreamed.

1979 Camp Sumac

the next morning, the counsellor was rattling us up. It was 730 I was exhausted that I had to get up with the others.

“Carolyn Brady, come on let’s move you don’t want to miss cold coast and hard-boiled eggs do you?”

“Oh joy! Yeah I’m coming.”

“What’s up with you kid?” Kelly asked

“sorry, I didn’t sleep well. I’m sure I’ll be fine after breakfast.

I got up and grabbed my clothes and the covey and headed for the shower. It wouldn’t have to be quick so I didn’t keep people waiting. Once dressed, I joined the others heading to the dining hall.

It took everything I had in me to get through the meal and to the daily trip to the capital. The chapel I remembered last night I was there watching and listening to the aftermath of a possible murder. I can say a thing either. Was it even real or a figment of my imagination. Later when we got to go to our activities I would look around the chapel under the guise of trying to get my badge for plants.

Once back at the cabin, I rushed through my chores and headed to the nature lives for the next two hours.

Today I would work on examining the plants I headed to the area behind the chapel I looked on either side of the area and behind it. What would I look for a mound as evidenced there was a body there?”

A voice spoke up behind me “what are you doing here?”

I looked up and saw Janet Parsons staring me down.

“UM I’m looking for plants for my Fox crest.” I stammered

“Can’t you look somewhere else?” She demanded.

“Maybe, but I thought I saw some Foxglove o and in and in and in and in the over here I need to identify it.” I explained

. “Well there’s not so get out of here!” She yelled

“okay fine I’ll go! Geez somebody must’ve poured sour milk on her cereal this morning.

I stomped away thinking maybe I was right about what I heard the night before. Janet’s voice sounded the same as the woman I heard. Maybe I needed to find those kids she was starting to Donna and Tina. Maybe find out what the lady manning was she was missing with her via an alert at him? Something fishy was going on. I can feel it

The rest of my day went by without incident occurred to keep my mind off things that I managed nap during rest time after lunch.






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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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