downloadPatrick called to check on Carrie after dinner. Amy answered the phone

“please come Patrick. She wants to see you!”

“Did she remember anything?” He inquired

“no not yet but she told me she feels bad about freaking out earlier.” Amy answered

“that’s not necessary but tell her I’m coming over I’ll be there soon.” Patrick assured her

once at the hospital, Patrick stopped at the gift shop that acute stuck bearing flowers for Carrie. He then headed upstairs to her hospital room. Carrie was sitting up eating putting. She looked at rather guilty and said “don’t worry, it’s diabetic friendly.”

“Hey, I didn’t think they were going to fill you with sugar here.” Patrick smiled

“oh, nice flowers.” Carrie noticed.

“They’re your favourite. You love your Gerber daisies.”

“I do?” You’re going to have to tell me about myself. I have no clue what I liked or hate but I need to apologize for this morning. I was too harsh!” Carolyn explained.

“Carolyn, don’t worry about me. You’ve been through hell and I’m not mad. I’ve be more than happy to explain our life together to you. Here, I saw this little guy in the gift shop. You love bears to”

 “oh cool thanks. He’s really cute.”

Patrick sat down “so, what do you want to know?”

“You mentioned we’ve been married for 30 years and we have two sets. Tell me about that.”

“Yeah, they’re great guys they moved out West after college and they own a restaurant together.”

 “Wow! Fantastic we have chefs in the family. So, the nurse said I work at the college.

“Yeah, he used to be a crime scene investigator then you decided you need to change of pace so you teach instead. You love your work.” Patrick explained smiling

“I hope I remember exactly what I do when the time comes.”

Patrick shook his head “don’t worry about that the school year is over and hopefully by the fall things will be better for you.”

“Tell me what you do for fun.” Carolyn wanted to know

“we love to ski every year we take a trip to Camp sumac for family week.”

“Camp sumac?”

“You went there as a kid and we sent the boys thereto. Then, we started going to family camp together even if the boys don’t go we take two weeks every year were already booked.”

“Well it sounds like fun even that I can’t remember it.” Carolyn sighed frustrated. “Now you mention it it’s funny. I’ve been dreaming about a camp I went to when I was 15.”

“Yeah? You want to tell me about it?”

“It’s crazy. You’re going to think I’m nuts.” Patrick look serious for a minute “try me.”

Carolyn began “I dreamed I used to get out of the cab. When I I was roaming around I saw something I shouldn’t have.”

“Like what?” Patrick inquired

“they were bearing something, a person actually.” Carolyn explained

“well, that’s some dream.” He explained

“you think? The next morning it was reported camper had died of anaphylactic shock. “

“Ouch, that sucks.” Patrick answered

“yeah, when I was out there I heard them saying something about using a poison to kill the kid.”

“Carolyn, it was just a dream.” Patrick tried to reassure her.

“Was it? Or is it possible I can remember something from my past even though I can’t remember my present?”

Had to stop for a minute “that’s an interesting theory. I know a psychiatrist I can ask if that’s possible. Did they give you a CAT scan?”

Carolyn nodded “yeah, they’re examining it now I should know more by tomorrow.

“Keep me informed you should get some rest. The police want to talk to you about what happened.

“About what?” Carolyn inquired

“the accident.” Patrick answered

“what can I possibly tell them? I don’t remember a thing.”

Patrick shrugged “well, maybe they can tell you in a matrix something in your memory.”

Carolyn shrugged “maybe. What do you know about the accident?”

“It was a hit and run. The person driving hit you and Going! The bastard’s! If I ever get my hands on them I’m going to…!” Patrick was fuming

“someone wasn’t paying attention to the traffic?”

“There was a witness who got the license plate number of the car. The police are looking into it.” Patrick explained

“who’s on the case?”

“Beairsto and Cowling. You used to work with these guys. They’re great at what they do your case is in good hands.”

“When do they want to talk to me? Do they know I have no memory of the incident?”

“Don’t worry I explained the situation to them. “

“You know what kind of car the person was driving? Was it a man or woman?

“It was a grey SUV according to the witness and she thinks it was a woman but she’s not 100% sure.”

“Well, I guess it’s a start.

“Yeah, in other news, I talked to the surgeon who set your like. You can go home in three or four days.”

“I can? But where?”

“Carrie, I know you really don’t remember me or our life together but we have a perfectly good house. I can set you up in the den is got a pullout couch and everything.”

“Really, the den? Why not upstairs?” Carolyn asked, confused

“simple, you won’t feel to manage the stairs for a while. The den is perfect.” Patrick explain further

. “Yeah okay, that makes sense. The pain meds I’m on his making my brain cloudy. I can’t think straight.”

That’s okay. Besides, I didn’t think you’d want to sleep with someone you don’t really remember.” Patrick chuckled try to keep things light

. “Sorry, I wish I could Patrick. You’re right it would be awkward for that reason alone.” “I completely understand Carrie. Really, I do I’ve been talking to a counsellor to help me deal with this ration. She maybe see that you’re not responsible for your memory loss and I have to be patient and adjust my expectations.”

 “I wouldn’t blame you if you had trouble with this Patrick. I know why you. Not knowing when or if I remember is really hard for me.

“I promise I’m going to be there for you to help you rent a house and the Dr. range for help when I can’t be. I still have to teach summer school for a month and you can’t be alone not just yet anyway.” Patrick offered

Carolyn looked thoughtful for a minute “great, thanks.

Patrick and Carolyn talk more and then lunch came. Was something resembling meatloaf we both looked at it and the impact from the cafeteria that was more palatable.







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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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