A week later, I was home as promised. Looking up at the stairs to the upper floor, I realized Patrick was right I’d never make it.

He led me to the den and I looked around. It had a a loveseat with a recliner at one end. In the corner, there was a sofa bed already made up. The loveseat faced a 50 inch screen television. The room itself is nicely appointed with one furniture and jewel toned accents. Patrick informed me that I had designed it. I was impressed with my work

. Suddenly, I felt tired and Patrick sensed it.

“You need a nap Carrie?” He inquired

I nodded “yeah, maybe arrest would be good.

“Do you want to lie down on the bed?”

I shook my head “no, the recliner is fine. I’m going to take a pain killer and sleep a while maybe if I put my afternoon shows on in the background that would be good.” I made my way over to the recliner and sat down concert for my crutches close by so I could reach them I reclined his pack got my meds and my water. After taking them. I got comfortable soon I was asleep and dreaming.

1979 Camp sumac

after a rest period, we got change for an afternoon at the waterfront swimming and canoeing. I won a few races in the swim made me feel better.

During the free period before dinner, I headed down to the trampoline with some of my cabin mates. Standing close by was Janet. She was with Tina and Donna the two girls at the chapel that night. Why, I had to wonder Katie Manning was just a kid. I didn’t believe the hype about the anaphylactic shock I’d clearly heard something about her being dosed with some sort of poison Katie was murdered on the whole thing with being what washed to suit the needs of the camp this would be totally bad publicity if word got out.

I looked over and caught Janet looking daggers at me. I looked away feeling creeped out. I really needed to talk to Michelle. She had been my counsellor last year and we were close now, she was the assistant section Dir. for the intermediate girls reporting to Janet. I made my excuses “hey guys I just thought of something I needed to do. I’ll see you at dinner?”

They waved me off and I made my way to the rec Hall where Michelle was hoping with the play rehearsal.

I found her and approached “hey, are you really busy?”

“A chiclet, what’s up? You look sad.” She said and gave me a hug

“I need to talk. I need some advice actually.” I explained to her

“sure, it’s pretty quiet. Let’s go in to the blue room.” She led the way.

We found two comfortable chairs in the corner and sat down.

The shell started in right away “okay Carolyn what’s on your mind?”

“I am sad. It’s about the kid who died but I’m also angry that everyone is acting with nothing happening. The girl young girl died and no one wants even deal with it!”\Michelle nodded “yeah, I thought the same way but Janet insisted we go on as usual and not make a big deal out of it.”

“That’s cold!” I said vehemently “you know much about Katie Manning?” I continued “like what?” Michelle looked at me, curious.

“Like, did she get along with her cabin mates?” I inquired

“she got a long with most of them and Donna Rice and Tina Willis gave her a hard time.”

“About what?”

“Katie has severe asthma and couldn’t always keep up to the others they understood but Tina called her slow quote and a Wendy whiner.” Michelle explained

I was angry for the benefit of the dead kid. Having been bullied before I knew exactly how she felt “did the counsellor say anything to them about it? That’s bullying!”

“The counsellor was never anywhere near them when they pulled their crap. I overheard them one day and I told them off. Apparently, they went to Janet then she told me to back off and she would handle it.”

I snorted “yeah, she handled it all right!”

“What did you say?” Michelle asked

“oh crap!” I realized I had said that out loud

“what are you talking about Carolyn?” Michelle looked at me with a stern look on her face.

Now is the time. It was do or die “I have to confess something to you but you need to promise me you won’t rat me out.”

 “Trust me this is just between you and me but you need to tell me what you did.” Michelle admonished

“sometimes I see Garrett night when I can’t sleep. “I admitted.

“Whoa Carolyn. You could get caught!

“Yeah, I know it’s risky but I am careful. “Okay so what do you do when you” Roam”

“the last time I made it over to the chapel I detected. I like to sit there and think. However this night I wasn’t alone.” I explained

 “okay, so what happened?” Michelle inquired

“I heard three people in the woods. I recognized her voices it was Janet and there were two kids with her.”

“Are you sure?” Michelle was incredulous and wanted to know just the same “positive” I nodded. She referred to the two girls as Tina and Donna.”

“What were they doing out so late at night? Janet should know better than to take two girls out with her at that hour

“yes I know I had checked my watch was after midnight.” I explained they were burying something and they were talking about Katie Manning and how they had dealt with her.

“ “So you think they killed Katie?”

“I’m pretty sure Janet did. She said something about giving her enough to kill her!”

Michelle swore out loud. “He knew show me where this took place?”

I looked around and check my watch “yeah, but not now. It’s too close to dinner he can explain being late.” I advised

“you’re right. I better get going. tonight we have a girls section event in the dining hall itself. Fake a bellyache of some sort and I’ll ‘take you to the nurse’ but instead were really going to investigate.”

I nodded “okay, thanks I remember not a word about my adventures.”

“It’s our little secret Carolyn.” Michelle stated. We hugged and parted. I made my way over to the North entrance to the building and lined up for dinner.


















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