I woke up the next morning with renewed energy, a feeling that my fault was lifting. While I didn’t remember a lot of my present still, I wasn’t afraid. I could feel better for me and I’m grateful that he is here supporting me. I know he wants his wife back but he’s been pacing.

In the kitchen, the nurse/home worker was making breakfast for me. If I were myself, I’m not sure I’d want another woman falling around my kitchen but things being what they are I accepted it. “Good morning” I said cheerfully.

She looked at me and smiled “hi, I’m Mandy. I’ll be here this morning and for lunch. Your husband said he was teaching summer school this morning and then he has a football meeting and you’ll be home by 2 PM.

I nodded my things and said “so, what’s up the agenda today Mandy?”

She smiled again “breakfast is ready and then I can help you get washed up.”

“Yeah, my hair is dying for a shampoo and I probably stink. I replied, chuckling. “No worries, we can take care that. Your husband says you like fruit and yogurt and Rye toast for breakfast is that okay?”

“Sounds good to me. I guess you are where I’m having memory issues since the accident. I’m a tad foggy about my likes and dislikes.” He smiled at the nurse

“well, Patrick made us a list of what you like so every nurse that takes care of you and follow it.” Mandy replied.

“Oh good” I said “at least someone knows.”

I was a good patient and ate my breakfast that enjoyed some coffee while I read the paper as Mandy cleaned the kitchen. Afterwards, we went into the water room and she help me wash my hair. I was able to give myself a sponge bath. Mandy then help me with some loose shorts and a tank top.

 “You’re handling those crutches like a pro Carolyn.”

“Yeah, thanks. I’d rather have a walking cast spread the doctor says I’m not ready yet.”

“Give yourself a break Carolyn in a few weeks you’ll be ready for it. All the necessary stuff is done. What did you want to do?”

I shrugged “well, that’s just it. I’m not sure what I like but I need to use the computer.”

Mandy nodded “Patrick told me he left the passwords you will need to talk middle to lower your desk in the den.”

“Oh thanks. I need to do research on something.” I said heading towards the den.

“Oh really? May I ask what? Mandy inquired

I looked at her “I might not remember my life right now but I do remember something that happened when I was a teenager. Does that sound crazy?” I asked.

And he shook her head “not at all I’ve heard of that happening. What do you remember exactly?” Mandy asked again

I looked at her point blank and said “a murder.”

“Wow, that’s something but I guess it makes sense.” She uttered

“I was confused so I asked “how so?”

“It’s like this “you had an accident right, quite traumatic in fact.” Mandy explained

“quite! Someone tried to kill me.” I declared


Mandy nodded “okay that fits. So, my theory is that you can’t remember your present but you remembered something equally dramatic from your past.”

I pondered that for a minute and realize it made perfect sense. “Yeah, you may have something there I keep having these memories about something that happened in 1979 I camp sumac. I went there every year since I was eight 1979 was my last year.”

“So, you said something about a murder?” Mandy continued

“yes, in my dream, I kid was murdered. She was only 12 and they tried to cover it up by saying it was anaphylactic shock. I want to figure out if this is just a dream or if it really happened”

“That’s some cover up. This is fascinating. Can I help you? I love a good mystery.” Mandy inquired.

I nodded “sure, I could use some help about where to search.” I smiled at my nurse.

“Well, Carolyn. I’d say we should get sleuthing





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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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