camp sumac 1979

the chapel area had been cordoned off as a crime scene. The police were interviewing the camps owners but the section director for the intermediate girls, Janet Parsons could not be found. Our all-girls event was shut down and we retreated to our cabins. My cramps were deemed as premenstrual as I was able to convince the nurse I was really in pain. My counsellor Kathie came and got me from the nurse’s cabin and told me what it happened. I managed to feigned shock and she told me a body was found.

Kathie looked straight at me as I said “someone covered this up. How could a kid die and not be returned to her parents? Anaphylactic shock might but! The section director should have reported Haiti’s get immediately. I never even heard anything about her parents coming to get her body and we never saw any ambulances called to the scene.”

Kathie agreed with me “Jenna is behind this I bet. I mean where is she now? On the night the body one of her campers is dug up he disappears. That smells to me” Kathie declared she continued “very strange, I think she knows something. I can prove it but I don’t trust the woman she’s not one of the camp sumac family.” She explained

“what do you mean?” I asked

“Janet was hired from the outside. She’s a social worker” Kathie declared.

“What’s all that about my claim they just hire a counsellor who is had the experience to do the job?” I wanted to know

“don’t tell anyone I said this Carolyn. There was a need for this year. Apparently two of the girls I can’t in that section have behavioural issues and they needed a firmer hand in the intermediate section.” Kathie explained further

I nodded “okay, I see the point of that just in case the girls got out of hand Janet could handle them but what of Janet handled Katie Manning as well? I don’t think she was one of the kids in crisis was she?” I inquired

“obviously something happened Kathie spoke up. “There’s a dead kid, two delinquents and a missing social worker something is rotten.”

I  looked Kathie straight in the eye “thanks for trusting me with this. I won’t say a word to the others.”

Kathie smiled. “I know you won’t. Look Carolyn, I know that you speak out at night and keep your secret. We all sleepwalk it now and then right?” She blinked “if you get caught just play dumb like you’re sleepwalking. I’ll cover for you.”

Knowingly, I smiled he knew how to keep me quiet.

“So, what you think happened Kathie. You think to do these did it again is covering up for them or did Janet have a hand in the whole thing?” I asked

“that’s one theory, or as you say Janet did it and she got her two minions to help her.” Kathie responded.

I gave her my best blank look, but I don’t think she bought it. “Carolyn, if you saw or heard anything please keep it to yourself.” Kathie implored

“why? If I do, someone is going to get away with murder!” I demanded

“if you come forward you might be the next target. Please be quiet honey. You’re my favourite camper this year I don’t want to lose you. Come on we gotta get back where they’ll get suspicious.” With that we linked arms and returned to the cabin.

Patrick woke me to say he was home and I got up to. I told them of my morning with Mandy.

“Are you sure this research is going to help you get your memory back?” Patrick was concerned

“it can only help!” I explained. “If looking these things up jogs something, it might twig why I was hit with the car.”

Patrick looked at me quizzically “do you really think they’re connected?”

“It won’t cost me anything to find out Patrick.”

With that, we tabled the subject and Patrick got dinner started.







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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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