downloadAlf and Rich called us after dinner and wanted to come over. They had information or Janet Parsons you Willis and Donna Brown.

Patrick and I welcomed the men an hour later and since it was a nice night we decided to sit on the patio and share a picture of lemonade.

“So,” I said, but curious, “what did you find out?”

Aft decided to speak first “the people you mentioned from the dreams you are having are quite real.”

“You, and there I thought I was losing it.” I chuckled

Al shook his head “no. I even talked to the psychologist music department about the situation. She agreed it was common for amnesia victims to experience repressed memories will not be able to remember their present lives.” He explained

Rich spoke up this time “give it time Carolyn. It’ll come back to you.”

I nodded but said “it’s so frustrating guys. I can’t remember my life with Patrick or even my sons but I can remember a murder for 40 years ago.”

Rich looked at me again sympathetically “yeah, I bet. So, based on what happened to you and what we found out, the two cases could be connected.”

I nodded again “okay, give it to me then.” Patrick reached over and took my hand in a show of support.

All cleared his throat “alright, Ina Bouchard is the same person as Tina Willis from your dreams.”

“Why, really?”

Alf nodded smiling “yes, we are going to pull her in for questioning in reference to your hit-and-run, but we will also hit her with the facts of the case from 40 years ago.”

I nodded “okay, so what about Janet Parsons?” I inquired

“she was a section director of the camp that summer in the  intermediate girl’s section.” Alf explained

I nodded again recalling the conversation I had with Michelle in my dream “yeah, in a recent dream I had, a counsellor who is Ashley the assistant section director for the intermediate girls told me Janet was brought into the camp as there were two girls with behavioural problems that needed watching.”

“Did your source tell you which two girls were involved?” Rich asked

“ironically it was Tina and Donna, the two girls that I heard helping Janet dispose of Katie’s body.”

Alf shook his head in disgust “so, this Janet Parsons used the two girls she was supposed to be keeping an eye on to help cover up her murder? Unfreaking believable!” He snorted

“it would seem so. I remember Michelle told me that the two had been bullying Katie and she told Michelle what happened. Michelle then took the issue to Janet who told her she would handle it and to leave it alone.” I explained further.

It was Rich’s turn to sound disgusted “she handled it all right! Rich exclaimed. I dug back into the files from that case and reached out to the OPP in that area who investigated the murder. It is reported that Michelle the section director assisted and the camp caretaker had reported finding Katie’s decomposing body. Michelle further reported the girl had been bullied by the two girls but the section director Janet Parsons had brushed it off as girls being girls even when it was the same two girls she was supposed to be keeping an eye on.

“Yet Parsons disappeared the night by it was discovered. Rich explained to me.”

“Did they ever find her?” I asked

Alf shook his head “nope she rabbited. She could have a whole new identity and we never know it! If she’s willing to commit murder who knows what else she’s capable of! Fake ID would not be a stretch to get a whole new identity and not pay for her crimes.”

I had to agree with the two men from what I remembered in my dreams about Janet Parsons, she was one tough customer and will let anybody get in her way. I can only ask “what happened to Tina and Donna?”

Rich continued the story from here “they were questioning with their parents present. The two girls claimed to know nothing about Katie’s death and sounded contrite about bullying her.”

My next question “what happens to the camp director? He covered up her murder and claim the girl died of anaphylactic shock!” I wanted to know

“yes, he had to answer to those lies and the cover-up. The camp was closed for the rest of the summer pending the investigation. People had to be were reimbursed for the next session and the remainder of the one in progress. The parents of the dead girl threatened to sue the camp but change their minds as long as the camp director paid the price. After that, the murder became a cold cases Janet Parsons had been apprehended and the two girls were juveniles they couldn’t be tried with her crimes as the provincial police had no proof they were even involved.” Rich explained

I shook my head in disbelief “so now, years later one of the girls manages to track me down and tries to kill me! I don’t get how she found out that I knew what had happened!”

Rich looked at me sympathetically again “I don’t mean to sound crass or insensitive there Carolyn.! He explained “but maybe you will solve this case in your dreams.”

Shook my head “no worries there I’m not offended Rich. Thanks for reassuring me that the people I’m dreaming of barges figments of my imagination!” I sighed

“no, and we’re going to get to the bottom of this.” Rich promised

“soon after the guys departed in Rich show them out when he came back to the patio I was crying openly. He said nothing and just held me as I worked for me and for a dead girl from 40 years ago















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