Come with us where the creatures of the deeps and the shallows, creatures out of myth and legend, come to life and drag you into the waves.



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Betty Olsen

June 13, 2019

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These are the stories I have read so far and this is one heck of an Anthology-full of fantastic stories & characters!

NAIADS AWAKENING by Jolanthe Aleksander
Alara Waterford finds out she happens to be a Lake Naiad Shifter and her biological father is Almo, the Water God. She also happens to be the mate of a Woodland Guardian, Braeden. Almo warns Braeden, she can only be his if it’s her choosing. She is attracted to him but being his mate?? Love this magical love story.

SUPERIOR ELIXIR by Grace Augustine
This love story takes place in Lake Superior where the famous ship The Edmund Fitzgerald was shipwrecked and the ship is still there along with some ghosts. Dave a human decides to go out by himself on his boat and unfortunately a squall hits, destroys his boat, manages to hold on to a piece of board until he loses his hold and starts to sink. A hugs Sturgeon Shifter comes along and saves him. Brings him to his home. This is King Geon who shifts into a huge sturgeon and saves the humans he can. Some survive and others do not. His daughter Serena, an Angel Fish Shifter is a healer and manages to save Dave. Her mother, Meredith, is a Soul Keeper. The ones that don’t survive to shows their souls the way to Eternity. Dave is fascinated with their world and falls for Serena. Can a human and a fish shifter be together – with magic – yes they can. This was a fascinating story and loved all the characters!

HEART, STONES & DIAMONDS by Linda Boulanger
Who says stones aren’t magical! Well Harmony Heartstones, a Water Fairy, a leading Metaphysical Mineralogist & ow
ner of the Heart Stones & Diamonds Shop. Twice a year she’s given a location to find the special stones and the heart stones are extra special, if they hold a stone and it gets warm their mate is near. Harmony is the only one that is given the location of where the stones will be and only for a couple of days. Kalen Sikorsky is a Water Dragon whose father is the Sea King and live in the castle on the hill. He’s seen Harmony at the pool near Lovers Lagoon and watches her in the shadows. He sees her gathering her stones and her excitement of the find. She hears a noise and runs. Kalen finds some of the heart stones on the bottom of the pool. Picks them up and one warms up. Next day he takes the stones to her. The night he was there when she ran, she also had picked up a heart which was warm. She thinks the noise she heard was her mate. Hopefully she’ll find him at the pool again. In the meantime she and Kalen become very close. She’s in a quandary-does she wait for her mate or not? Another magical story and you’ll love the ending of this one, has a good twist.

LET GO THE SHORE by Marj Ivaocic
This story takes place in the time of the Romans, Celts & Druids. The Romans coming to invade and Valens and his men have come ahead. The Celts had been warned and the Romans had quite a fight on their hands. The only survivor of that fight was Valens who was mortally injured. Maye, is a Water Sprite had seen the whole fight. She was amazed how the Romans fought and especially Valens. She heals him Valens and they get to know each other. He tells her the Romans will not give up and that the Celts will lose. Kiel, the Chief Druid has always wanted Maye but she despises him. He finds out about Maye and Valens and brings her to Queen Aila for punishment. Maye with her magic destroys Kiel and his accolades and Queen Aila (a Raven Shifter) takes off. The Green Man, Elder Seann Athair, tells Maye her old ways are finished and it’s time for the new. She and Valens should leave to forge their own destiny Another enjoyable, magical romance. Love the time period and the awesome characters.

THE MERMAIDS KISS by Darlene Kuncytes
Princess Marissa is a Mermaid Shifter and she’s spying on the Rogue Mermen who are beating a man senseless. Gave him broken ribs and broken leg. They take his Amulet and leave him at the water. Marissa pulls him into the water and takes him to a cave – gives him the kiss of life and saves him. Takes care of his bruises and splints his leg. She shifts and sneaks to the grocery store to get some supplies. She finds out the man is Chase Bastaine, is a Dragon Shifter and leader of his Clan. They learn about each other and their lives. They of course are attracted to each other. The Rogues wind up catching her on one of her runs to the grocery store for breakfast things. They start to get nasty when there is a powerful roar – it’s Chase as a beautiful Silver Dragon and the Rogues are toast-literally! Chase takes her to his home and she meets his parents. Of course there is a happy ending and loved this enchanting story. Was happy for Chase and Marissa.

This story is about Olivia who has such an affinity with the ocean, always has and was so happy when her parents bought a house by the ocean. Her Grandmother had given her a shark and mermaid necklace and told her never to take it off. Said one day things will be explained to her, unfortunately her grandmother died, and her parents were keeping secrets from her. Olivia had met a young boy Owen and grew very fond of him but lost him, he was taken by the sea. Years have gone by and her friends Mark and Kelly take her on a boat trip. Well Olivia is in for one heck of a surprise – she’ll never forget the boat trip. You’re going to love the twists in this one and just adore all the characters.

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