That summer: murder at camp sumac Part 10

downloadcamp sumac 1979

I was back in time again in my dream. All camp activities had been terminated as the police questioned the owners they were charged with obstruction of justice and lying to the authorities about Katie Manning’s death.

Meals were solemn and an impromptu service was held for the little girl in the dining hall. The assistant to the owner was in charge now and got up to make the announcement during our lunch hour.

“Campers, it is with great dismay that I tell you we have to end your session early and cancel the remaining sessions for the year due to the unfortunate death of little Katie Manning.

A collective groan went up in the hall. He held his hands up “yes, I know but the police are investigating this suspicious occurrence. Your parents have been in forms and buses will become to get you in two days. Please begin hacking your things the banquet will be tomorrow night.

I must stress that you do not go anywhere near the chapel area or the Lodge is police are investigating.”

The campers at my table came to the realization that we would miss the camping trip up the French River the next week. Next Sunday would’ve been visitors day. The powwow would be cancelled as was the musical. We were all sad.

After lunch, we gathered in front of our captains and our section director made an announcement.

“Sorry this has to end this way girls. However, we been given permission to have our closing campfire tonight. We all need a little cheer.”

We all groaned and none of us felt particularly cheerfully. Even when camp was to end on schedule, the last campfire was always sad. He had developed friendships and this was my last year at sumac as I was going to join the leadership program to become a camp counsellor on year. However my cabin mates Amy was and she could only hope that there would be a camp to come back to.

I had to wonder how camp owners could explain hiding a murder on their own property. Camp sumac’s reputation would be ruined. How can they possibly come back from this!?

The rest of the afternoon was considered free time. We can swim, go to the library or the sports field but nowhere near the restricted areas. I chose the waterfront a good swim would clear out my head.

I was doing my laps in the red Pool. I figured swimming would release my stress. I was on my third lap when somebody grabbed me and tried to pull me under. However, I was too strong and I kicked the person off the and then yelled for help.

I looked up and saw Tina Willis at the other end of the pool smirking at me. I knew it was her but could I prove it?

I favourite male counsellor Tim was on duty. “Hey Carrie! Are you okay?” He called from the dock.

I managed to compose myself and I nodded. While I really should have told him what happened I made up a story about a foot cramp. I looked at Tina again and she was daring me to snitch on her.

“It’s okay Tim. My foot cramped I guess that’s a sign I should get out.” With that, I climbed the ladder and walked down the dock towards the beach. I was rattled as I was sure someone tried to drown me, and I knew exactly who.







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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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