CAMP SUMACAcross town, Alf Cowling and Richard Beairsto had Tina Bouchard nee Willis in an interview room.

Tina sat there stoically “what’s this all about detectives?”

“The accident of May 18 of this year.” Cowling stated

“what about it?” Tina shrugged.

“You do realize you hit somebody with your car that day, right?”

“I did? How bad was it?” She deadpanned

Carolyn spoke up “Mrs. Bouchard, we have say you saw the person on the ground afterwords and just drove off.” He admonished

Tina was indignant “I did no such thing!”

“You did! Cut the crap!” Beairsto shouted in full bad cop mode.

“So, who was it that I supposedly hit. You are making it sound like a deliberate hit-and-run. You just get up every morning and say I’m going to mow down a total stranger!”

“Well it is what it is Mrs. Bouchard.” Beairsto commented

Tina huffed “no need to be Starkey detective. Look, if I heard someone I’m sorry but I didn’t mean to drive off without knowing.”

Beairsto slammed his hand on the table. Stop right now with your shit Tina!”

“What? How dare you? She said red-faced.”

Beairsto got in her face “you purposely ran down Carolyn Brady – Thompson, a professor at the College where she was hit. You were seeing Amy in your car right at her and hit her and stopped to make sure she would down and sped off. I have several witnesses students and others willing to testify to the fact and we want to know why!”

“Hey! I don’t even know the lady I hurt. Tina stated

At this point, Cowling cleared his throat. “Perhaps a history lesson is in order Tina.”

“Detectives, if I’m not under arrest him leaving. I have no time for stories.” Tina stated and stood up.

“Sit down Tina were not done here.” Beairsto demanded

“well then I have to insist on a lawyer and I’m not saying anything more.” Tina said vehemently.

“Okay you can call your lawyer but in the meantime were going to remind you of how you know the victim.” Cowling replied.





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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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