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September 28, 2015

Format: Paperback

I Wish I Was A Brownie

Chocolate Chip cookies are really quite delicious but Cliffy Chippy Cliffy is not happy about being made of chocolate chips. Living with his parents, three brothers and three sisters Chiffy was the youngest. But, Chiffy really loves his dog, Rockwell who is cute, friendly and really his very best friend. But, Chiffy was really unhappy and did not smile. He never socialized during school or even after school. He lamented and pondered how it would be if he could change himself into a Brownie! Kids often feel isolated and alone and sometimes they keep these feelings to themselves and parents do not always realize that they are going through some type of inner turmoil.

When Chippy was in school and his teacher called in him to read he thought for a moment, looked around and just froze. When kids get nervous or feel threatened or afraid that can happen. The other children were not very nice when they laughed. But, his teacher Mrs. Chipster was really on target, tapped her ruler and was not happy with what the class did and sent the class outside for recess so that she could talk to Chippy.

Mrs. Chipster was a great teacher and her warm smile she hoped with allow Chippy to open up. When he told her he wanted to be a brownie instead of being angry she answered by saying: I know exactly how you feel. She explains why she understands and invited Chippy to come to her house after school and talk about his feelings. Imagine a teacher who really understands and cares so much for her students! She even had a bowl of ice cream for him and something special for Rockwell. When treats were done she led them both to the attic and she hauled out a large crate from behind a pile of books. Author Marsha Cook takes us inside the home of this teacher, allows us to understand why Chippy is so sad and helps all children learn why it is important to be who you are and gain self-esteem.

Inside the box that the teacher was looking for was a costume. Asking Chiffy to change into one of them and placing a mirror in the center of the room imagine his surprise when he saw himself as what he thought he wanted to be A BROWNIE! What he says will surprise children and readers when he realizes that just because he looks like a brownie and might want to be a brownie he just might learn a special lesson. Looking long and hard at himself dressed like a brownie in the mirror what do you think he learned and what do you think he really saw? Did he see himself as who he really is or did he see himself as a Brownie? But, he had one final question that needed to be addressed: What should he do when the other chipper’s laugh at him? The teacher’s answer is really great and if you want to learn what it is you are going to have to read this delightfully written, beautifully illustrated story for yourself.

Will Chippy remain a chocolate chip cookie filled with delicious chips or will he decide that he really wants to be a Brownie? If you really want to know if this can happen just look in the mirror, smile and decide just who is smiling back at you! This book might be for early childhood readers and children even in grades one and two but adults can learn some great lessons from Chippy and his teacher about how to deal with children that have poor self-esteem or get bullied or teased in school. Lessons in character education and letters can be written to Chippy about a time that they wanted to be something or someone else. A great five chocolate chip story!


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I am a writer, blogger and radio host. I love to read and my love of books has lead me down this path. People tell me I write like Janet Evanovich. I take that as a compliment as I love her Plum books. I feel like Stephanie and Laura could be best friends.
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