Daytona Dead

Front cover of daytona dead


Laura and Gerry are newlyweds, honeymooning in Florida; as usual life is not going according to plans and they are racing to solve a murder and stay alive. The bodies are piling up, will it be too late to stop a killer?

Excerpt from Chapter 7

Plans for the next day included getting some of our pictures saved on a CD, so I could clear the card in my camera. So I figured I might as well develop the ones from Lou’s camera.  I was at a Kodak kiosk doing just that, when I felt the hair on the back of my neck prick up, so I whipped around to find the creepy cop behind me.

“Ok, this is getting old really fast. Do you have an odd fixation with following tourists around? Or are you just being a jerk?”

“Mrs. Fitz, dear, no need for a meltdown. I just happen to be at the same photo kiosk as you “

“Ya, I bet!”

“Oh my, someone is paranoid.” he laughed, “Maybe you really are guilty of that guy’s murder and used the road kill scenario as a cover up. Maybe, you staged it to divert attention. I may have to take my thoughts on this to the detective on the case.”

People were staring at us and backing away out of the store. The police officer was in his civvies and couldn’t do anything at that point.  He was grinning evilly, thinking he was getting the better of me.

I stood straight up, “Too late Fife, we’ve been cleared of all charges so don’t even go there.”

His weasel-like face turned bright red, “Quit calling me Fife, my first name isn’t even Barney! It’s Dave, Dave Meecham. With that he turned and stomped away from the kiosk.

Okay, so now my would-be stalker had a name, should I need to use it?  I continued to copy the photos from my card and printed off the ones from Lou’s SIM card.  I went to pay for my pictures and the clerk looked at me oddly.

“What do I owe ya?”

“Um, six dollars.” She was clearly rattled by clash with the creepazoid.

It’s okay, dear, I’m not going to rob or kill ya. There’s no need to be nervous. My friend who just left is highly delusional…thinks he’s a cop or something. Most people have a thing for FBI or the CIA. He just wants to be at home in Mayberry with Andy, Aunt Bea and Opie”

The counter clerk laughed, took my money and moved on. I walked out with my photos and CD and Lou’s hard copies.


What is your story? I am the featured antagonist in DAYTONA DEAD

Who are you?        My name is Duane Ford a.k.a KILLER T. FORD

Where do you live? Daytona Florida, I have a nice estate with a ranch house and a slip for my cabin cruiser

Are you the hero of your own story? Yes it’s all about me!

What is your problem in the story? Too many cops trying to track me down and a pesky tourist whoo blames me for running down her ex husband. You’d think she’d be grateful!

What is your most closely guarded secret? I’ m really a nice guy.

What is your most prized possession? Why? My 40’s Chevy we are one with the universe

Do you have any hobbies?rebuilding classic cars and showing them

What is your favorite scent? Why? The smell of fear.  People sweat when they know they’re gonna die

What is your favorite color? Why? Blood red –It’s such a rich colour

What is your favorite food? Why? Steak –it’s how I roll.

What is your favorite beverage? Why? Beer-Budweiser as they sponsor me.

What is your favorite music? Why?”Country, and Classic 70s rock Makes me feel alive mowing down the competition with Steve Earl on the deck.

What is your favorite item of clothing? Why?Jeans, and my racing uniforms-I am a casual kind of guy. I don’t kill people wearing Armani

What are the last five entries in your check registry? Last 5 cheques I wrote to pay people off

What are the last three books you read? Book of Robert Frost Poetry, Complete works of Edgar Allen Poe, Christine by Stephen King

If you were at a store now, what ten items would be in your shopping cart?Beer, girlie magazines, steaks, salmon, 10 lb bag of spuds, Corn Flakes, Jim Beam, Bratwurst sausage, beef jerky  and pork rinds,

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