Dead comic standing


Death is easy Comedy is Hard.

Be careful what you joke about— it might just kill you!!!

Someone out there doesn’t think the local comics are funny. He’ll kill to prove it. Police are racing to find the killer before he claims another victim. Comedians are always trying to find that killer joke, but now they’re dying literally! Author Karen Vaughan brings you Dead Comic Standing, a comedy, action, and steamy romance.

You’ll be dying to keep on reading!

Unfold the story of a stand-up comedian, Dave Feener, who was found maliciously stabbed, left with only his wedding ring and wallet, just a short distance away from The Laff Attak where he’s just performed. It gives you a closer look on a serial killer who does not think local comics are funny and has just begun his rampage. It also introduces you to Constables Mike Borneo and Lissa Cassway, along with detective Vince Vetters, who are racing to find the slayer before he claims another victim.

Was Feener just in the wrong place at the wrong time? No one knows. Did the murderer make a fateful mistake when he stabs another comic, not ensuring his victim is dead before leaving the crime scene? He’s right under everyone’s noses and the anticipation of a righteous slay is all just element of the fun. Only time will tell if the destroyer will have the last laugh.

Who will be the next victim?

My favorite part of writing this book was coming up with the comedy routines for my characters. Each character had his or her own attitude. That was the fun part. I listened to different people I played games with on-line and got ideas from them.

This is one such routine:

Excerpt from Dead Comic standing


This is squid Mahoneys routine from Dead Comic standing


Hey hows everyone? Great crowd thanks for coming out for a great cause.

By applause any ex military or retired; did ya have a hard time adjusting to civilian Life?

I did –I figure a 58 yr old ex sailor –who wants to hire me?

So now I get to channel surf all day. 

I have to admit I am damn good at it I can get from ESPN to TSN sports net in 5.6 seconds

My routine starts at 6 am even now. I get up with the little woman have breakfast and pat her behind on her way out to work –I  hit the couch for a marathon of game shows right after I discard the latest incarnation of her HONEY DO list….

One day I had a nightmare after discovering The sports channels were jammed, and I was forced to watch Young and the restless.  I can’t decide whether Victor Newman is the Devil incarnate or the figment of my imagination after sampling too many international beers.  I have decided though that there should be a new mental illness category—Post Traumatic Reality Disorder –this usually is triggered by an entire afternoon of daytime dramas and calling my wife Susan –Nicky.


 My wife threatened to sell my couch so I would get off my lazy butt. She had a few offers as long as the couch potato was not included.  However they offered to pay more if couch potato would do dishes. 

That went well for a week until they sent me home for greeting them at the door with Just a tool belt.


So I was lying on my couch, which fits by behind very well now, watching ESPN when the doorbell rang. Upset by being bothered, i looked thru the peephole in the door. Saw two young ladies and decided to check them out. Opened the door and was surprised that they backed up. Forgot i just had my shorts on. Oh ya – and had that hair sticking up in the back like Spanky in the little rascals. Well, they said they wanted to introduce me to their God. And for just a small donation they would give me literature that would change my life.

I thought for a bit and told them that if they would come in I would give them an experience for free that would change their lives!! Never seen two ladies run so fast!!!!!!!

Morale of this story is – Nothing is free and don’t mess with a retired sailor when he is eating chips and drinking a beer during the day!!!

snoopy to die for

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