Natalie Fisher committed suicide after an author stole her work and published it as her own. Two years later, her best friend Terri is found dead in her hotel room. Are the two deaths connected? Laura Fitz and Detective Gibbons are on the case to trap a ruthless author trying to get away with murder!


June 6, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
Laura Fritz is back along with the characters I have come to love from this author’s other books in the series. This time, Laura meets a couple of authors.Natalie, Silvie and Terri were close friends and struggling to be authors. When tow of the women die mysteriously, Laura gets involved and the adventure to solve a mystery begins. Karen Vaughan writes no-frills stories with amazing and believable characters. Grabbing a book by this author is like sitting down with an old friend and having a chat. Here novels are twisted mysteries with a cozy appeal and not to be missed.—-PS WINN
Dead to Writes: Karen Vaughan
It’s just that there are so many people in the world that are envious of me. I am smart, gorgeous and totally successful and they dare question me or try to outshine me. Writing is my passion and I am quite an expert at creating a novel that will place me on the New York Times Best Seller List at the number one spot. So, what if it appears that I might have borrowed some ideas, not all from another so called would be author. My name is Francesca Bartoksi-L, let’s leave last names out of this for personal reasons. I am the boss and my authority must not be questioned. Natalie Fisher claims to have written a murder mystery but can’t seem to find the flash drive that she saved it on. Poor dear Natalie! Searching around her office she never found it where could it be? I did tactfully of course explain to her that she should give up before she starts and even standing her ground and standing up to her would not stop Francesca from berating her and demeaning anyone that dared to cross her path in the wrong way. When Terri Carter tried to defend her friend by stating that they work with her not for her you should have seen her face turn all shades of purple. When Francesca learned that it was a flash drive of a novel that Natalie wrote that was missing and in question and that Natalie was about to submit it to Mrs. Vance to be published needless to say when another novel titled See How She Dies would be released the following month, imagine what Natalie was thinking!
Throughout the novel you will hear horrific things about me and you will meet several people that will attempt to take me down. One is Jeffrey Gibbons who became the lead on the case when his boss was out and is determined to see me fry. Another is Laura Fritz who is a CSI investigator and is relentless in her pursuit of justice. They really think that can outfox me and try to convince the world that I am guilty of murder!
Natalie Fisher is weak and a wimp and when they found her body hung from the ceiling, I don’t want to get into the particulars because it’s bad enough they will try to pin it on me, but it’s an ongoing investigation and I have to be careful as to what I reveal to you, the public.
Terri Carter was minding her booth at the “Murders Are Us” Writer’s symposium when a dark shadow hovered over her in the form of me, Francesca. I had a score to settle with her as she dared to write and get published a novel titled: The Death of Her, claiming that I was the villain and had killed someone close to her. How dare she try and ruin my untarnished reputation. She will pay dearly and so will anyone else that dares to cross me. Things spiral out of control when Laura Fritz gets on the case but first there is a murder victim in the park and then someone decided to kill Terri Carter in a unique and clever way. How about sending her a bottle of wine and some chocolate with no card. How about spiking it with hemlock as the card says: Enjoy the Hemlock!
When Sophie is questioned about Terri’s death she explains that they were supposed to meet but when she knocked at her door there was no answer and she spoke with Cassie who convinced her to wait until the morning to see her. Things spiral out of control but first we meet Laura and her husband Gerry, Janice who is Gibbon’s wife and a weird neighbor named Myrna. Laura is on the case and has the bottle of wine and chocolates analyzed and they learn that it was indeed Hemlock. So, what does that mean I did it? I have 7 people that will swear to my whereabouts when the murder was taking place. Gibbons met with Sylvie and got her version of what she thinks happened and that she and Natalie wrote novels and wanted to her them published. How dare she way that I would hinder them even though they are not quality writers.
Laura Fritz is my problem as well as Gibbons because these two are two smart and two involved hopefully she will get sidetracked planning her friend’s wedding and lay off of me and this case. Laura’s boss needed her to cover for her and finding Terri Carter’s body in her hotel room and she explained her findings. The Chief of Homicide requested that she and Gibbons work the case but something would change all that. Listen to what Cassie relates and realize that Sylvie is hiding something and maybe she is the killer! When Jeff, Laura and Maddy meet out of nowhere Jeff falls over and it appears that he is having a heart attack. At this point maybe I got lucky and he will be off the case because author Karen Vaughan made him too ambitious and too dedicated to his job.
Let me recap for you so that you know that I Francesca Bartoski is straightforward and honest to a fault: Terri Carter victim 2 died from ingesting wine and dark chocolate laced with hemlock. I am the next victim how dare they say that I harassed the victim on the morning of her death. I could care less that she’s gone and like I said before I have 7 alibis and why would I arrange to have this package delivered. My time is more valuable than that.
What about Sylvia Boucher that never bothered to check with the manager downstairs to find out if her friend was alive and claimed that her roommate Cassie would confirm that she was at the hotel at 10:45 p.m. But wait until you hear her version and realize that Sylvia might by lying. With the help of her friend Elaine, Laura gets a lead on the hemlock but how can that lead to me? I don’t think so? But, things are heating up and I have to begin to cover my tracks as too many people are beginning to point the finger at me and I am the only one that really counts in all of this. Detective Carolyn Crawford has the case so why is she including those two annoying nosy bodies Laura and Jeff. When Jeff is admitted to the hospital and now has to be on best rest for a while and on a desk why does he try to get in on the final action? Laura’s neighbor is an elderly woman named Myrna who is definitely from another planet you might say but what she reveals might lead them to finding out about where the hemlock came from and now I have to think fast before I am the next victim you might say.
I think I’ll call my special forces guy or my strong guy Oscar and make sure that he takes care of both Sylvia and Cassie and if need be anyone else that stands in my way.
However, author Karen Vaughan is too clever, too crafty and definitely has a flair for the unknown, twists, surprises and startling endings that you, the reader will never expect.
Just how did they think they could possibly take me down? Am I really so diabolical to have killer Terri and Natalie two mediocre people and below par writers? Just what did Karen Vaughan have in store for me Francesca Bartoski L? That’s a secret and if I tell then the killer might send you a basket of chocolate and wine. Find out who gets caught: DEAD TO WRITES!
I give this book Five Golden Glasses of Wine: DRINK UP AT YOUR OWN RISK!–FRAN LEWIS

June 15, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
Very good book. Lots of interesting characters lots of twists and turns, I like all the characters from other books in this series. Would recommend this book. You will love it
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