January 1, 2018

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The author takes murder, mystery and a bit of romance on a fun adventurous ride. Rhonnie Patterson finds her world turned upside down when her brother Bo is killed with her right there. Rhonnie is joined by Detective Jeff Gibbons and an old friend Brian, The latter was once a counselor at a school attended by Rhonnie and her brother. As the plot twists, Rhonnie finds the old adage of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer words to live by in this twisted thriller with a conspiracy slant from Bo’s past that wreaks havoc in the present. The author, Karen Vaughan writes in a flowing, reader friendly style in not only this novel but in all her others as well.

April 6, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
There are enough mystery and intrigue to keep you in suspense to the end. A cold November murder sets Detective Jeff Gibbons on a manhunt. Bo, the victim, worked for securcorps, an international company, with secrets he suspected could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

The victim’s twin sister, Rhonnie, wanted answers and he couldn’t blame her but she needed to leave the investigating up to him. Yet, he suspected that wouldn’t be the case. She appeared to be determined to be a part of finding the killer as much as anyone on his team.

Get ready for a wild ride when some unsightly characters want Bo’s death to never see the light of day! Detective Crime fans will love the maneuvering of the characters in Playing Dead as Det. Gibbons unravels the truth about that cold winter night. PLAYING DEAD: A JEFF GIBBONS EXPERIENCE


it was one of those nights in late fall that could be described as dark and stormy. You might want to ask yourself why Bo, my twin and I were out on such a dismal night. Simple answer: it was Friday and Bo and I usually attended karaoke at a local bar just south of where I live just east of young and north of Eglinton Avenue. However, by the end of that night I wished I’d stayed home.


We were walking north on Young towards Roehampton with 3 men jumped Bo and dragged him into the alleyway nearby. I thought it was a mugging first but one of the men wearing a rubber mask told me to get lost and called 911 because boat was going to need serious help.


I yell for help and ran I found a coffee shop that was open all night and asked them to call for assistance. The lady sat me down and did as I requested. I wanted to go back to the alley but Mira, the owner may be stay until the police arrived. Soon while I was drinking tea a detective arrived. He introduced himself as Detective Gibbons he was a tall man slim with blond hair and blue eyes. You might want to ask why in the middle of my grief I would notice such a thing but he had such striking features that I couldn’t help but notice. Not only that, he was so nice and caring it seemed that he understood the grief I was going through.

Ms. Patterson? He asked as he stood by my table.

“Yes, that’s me are you going to take my brothers case.

I’m pretty sure but I need to ask you a few questions about what led up to him being grabbed

. I went on to describe what happened when the 3 men jumped out of the alley and grabbed Bo.

Would you be upset if we went back to the alley where he was attacked?

What if they’re still there

then we can nab them but if there are not, we will investigate the scene and find out what happened to your brother.

I follow the detective back out into the rain to find the alleyway empty or so we thought it first. Detective Gibbons and given me an umbrella to cover myself as I stood in the rain.  I thought I heard some moaning from the back of the alley. The detective went to investigate and found Bo’s beaten body. He called me into the alleyway to identify the body.