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☆♡☆♡☆ (¸.•´ Deborah R. Brandon ¸.☆♡☆♡☆♡


This story will capture your heart and not let go!

Few Words from Deborah: Writing has always been my passion. I love how a really good book invites you to be a part of the story. You laugh, you cry, and you celebrate with them. This has been a life changing journey. I hope that you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Semper Fi: To Love & To Protect…/…/B01B8HZN64/

This snippet is a small example….Inactive Marine Ethan Hightower is summoned to the sleepy, yet upbeat metropolitan area of Emerald Grove, South Carolina when State Representative Jasmine Anderson is shot on a local University campus while giving a speech to the student body. Jasmine has already endured her fair share of ups and downs and wishes only for her shooter to be brought to justice. Ethan wants nothing more than to help her put her life back in order, for her benefit as well as that of her beloved twin daughters. An action packed undercover mission with some surprising twist and turns, have Jasmine and Ethan finding what they both had given up on finding. Love in each other’s arms.







#Read the Fifth Excerpt from ‘TALON Come Fly With Me’ Series, by Gigi Sedlmayer

Attack of the Condors

Frustrated and not coming to a solution of what to do to free Eme­lio and even capture the poachers, Matica saw that Tamo and Tima plummeted through the crows just in front of her and Talon. They just pushed them away with their heavy bodies and great wings. The crows couldn’t do anything against them, they just made room for them by flying out of their way and letting them through. Continuing dropping down and flying very low over the heads of the Indians, they ruffled their hair by the wind they created with flap­ping their huge wings. Then with a nonstop battle cry, they attacked and assaulted the poachers by heading directly at them. Seeing them coming, the poachers, instead of firing at them, yelled out in fright and ducked. Pete pulled Emelio down with him and lay on top of him, not letting him go.

The crows didn’t close the hole so Matica could see how Tamo and Tima assaulted the poachers. ‘Wow,’ she yelled out in surprise, as she watched them going down. ‘I never heard that screech from them before. Is that your battle cry?’ Talon nodded and let out the same cry. ‘Oh no, you don’t go down with me to be with your parents,’ Matica told him as Talon got ready to follow his parents, infected by their cry. It made her hair stand up on her neck, narrowing her eyes and shaking her head. ‘Amazing, just amazing. I didn’t know they had a battle cry.’ Talon looked after his parents and nodded. ‘I haven’t heard that cry from Tamo and Tima, not even before when your parents had their first battle with the “you know who” stealing you in the egg. They are really attacking them now, right? They’ve had enough, I guess. To tell you the truth, I have enough too. It must come to an end sooner than later.’ Talon just grunted quietly and flew on his path. Both watched Tamo and Tima closely as good as they could through the bodies of the crows, as they closed the gab again.

The villagers looked up in surprise, feeling the wind, as the con­dors hit the air with their huge beating wings. Some bent down so they wouldn’t be hit by the wings, but most just looked amazed at them and wondered what they were going to do now since Aikon’s attack had failed. Recognizing what they were going to do, some of the villagers yelled,

‘When they attack, they really attack openly. Yee-hah! Now we see action.’

They held their breath, hearing Crayn yelling, ‘No, Tamo, Tima come back. They have guns. They will shoot you down. Oh God, pro­tect them. Don’t let them be killed. Not that.’

Mira cried out, ‘Oh my God,’ and fell on her knees beside Tessa, her hands stretched out toward the condors. She was happy that Aikon escaped the bullets from Zed. Now she was troubled for the condors. ‘No.’ Next she looked out for Talon and her daughter, know­ing that they were flying together. She couldn’t see them anywhere. She mumbled, ‘Oh good. Talon is not attacking with his parents.’

Each of the villagers thought, Everything has failed, whatever we did to capture the poachers or free Emelio. Even Aikon failed. Will the condors succeed whatever they have in mind to do or will the poachers kill them? Will the condors snatch Emelio out of the poacher’s hands? Will they succeed whatever they are planning to do? It would be time.

Matica was just thinking whether Talon would follow his par­ents, when Talon screeched the same battle cry again and turned so rapidly that she was nearly thrown off of him. The nearby crows, hearing his cry, flew apart to make room for him, knowing that he will go down as well. ‘No Talon,’ she yelled out. ‘You can’t attack them with me on you. Better…’ She had to stop, because she realised that Talon did follow his parents, speeding up, and didn’t listen to her at all. The attack cry of his parents must have affected him. He couldn’t stop anymore. Matica gave in, what happens will happen. Here we go. And the strangest thing was, the crows followed Talon as a whole black wall, cawing all the time with Talon’s battle cry.

She saw that Tamo and Tima were already very close to the poach­ers. She also saw that the “you know who” didn’t lift their pistols to shoot at them. Are they afraid? But, she couldn’t dwell on that and couldn’t really watch or think anymore what would or will happen to Tamo and Tima, she had to focus on Talon and hold tight to not slide off. Talon flew so fast after his parents to catch up with them.

In the split second before they would collide with the poach­ers, or whatever Tamo and Tima planned to do, Matica remembered something her mum had told her a while ago after she had said a quick prayer that God should always protect her and the condors: “We do not understand God’s way. Often when we pray it turns out to be completely different to what you expected it to be. God is there, no matter where we are, no matter what we do, no matter how far we travel in any one of billion directions. Even more astounding is that the God of heaven and earth revolves this universe around you! You are more valuable to Him than all the brilliance of His creation. You are the lost coin of great value, the reason for His love and affection.”

Why do I remember that right now? Matica wondered as Talon dived toward the poachers, hearing the crows’ right behind her. She prayed quietly, Thank you for your protection. I know we are in your hands and you make everything right.

She prepared herself for the attack or even for the collision with the poachers by wrapping her feet tightly around the beginning of his tail and clinging tightly her arms around his neck, but not too tight so not to strangle Talon.

As they came closer she saw the stunned faces of the “you know who” as the condors boldly and fearlessly approached them face on and so the poachers acted way too late, even had they lifted their pistols. They didn’t shoot. They lay on the ground and just looked at the oncoming condors, not really believing they would attack them. Their arms with the guns were frozen and then they even dropped a bit, too dazed, too surprised and too astounded to fire at the oncom­ing condors and crows.

Even Emelio looked stunned from underneath Pete, as he still lay on top of him. Pete looked up fearfully at the oncoming condors, wondering what they would do.

Pete reacted, coming out of his dazed state first. He cried out in desperation and fear then lifted his pistol and, without really aim­ing, he fired in the direction of Tamo. But Emelio acted immediately. Still laying under Pete, he pushed his arm outward. Pete didn’t feel or realise it. So when he shot, the bullets missed Tamo altogether, going astray. He didn’t notice it. He just kept firing.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang, one shot after the other.

Hearing the shots, but not seeing what Emelio did, Matica closed her eyes. No, no, no, no! He’s being killed.

Pete’s aim was off and Emelio pushed his arm further and further away. All the bullets missed Tamo, but still he twisted away in a tight curve.

However, two crows fell dead to the ground.

Then it happened.

Tamo, in full flight, landed right in front of Pete. His claws scratched over the dirt until he came to a full stop. Bending his head, Tamo pecked hard at Pete’s hand, arm and head. Pete dropped his pistol and waved his arms in front of his face to protect himself, let­ting go of Emelio.

Emelio crawled out from under him, kicking him wherever he could, yelling, ‘That is for capturing me. You never get what you want.’

Tessa, seeing what happened, yelled at him to come back to her, but Emelio still kicked him, couldn’t let go yet.

Tamo lifted off again and flew so close over Pete that he actually scraped his hair with his claws but not injuring him. Then he turned and came back, attacking him from the back now.

Since Zed heard Pete yelling and firing his pistol, Zed woke up from his shock as well and tried to fire at Tima as she had followed Tamo the same way. He couldn’t shoot. He just aimed, nothing else. She also had landed in front of him with scratching claws then she pecked his hands, shoulder and head. He dropped his pistol and folded his hands over his head to protect his head and face.

When Tima lifted off, she scratched her claws over his hair and head, screeching continuously as Tamo did. Twisting and turning around, they both flew over the poachers again, hitting Zed’s and Pete’s shoulders with their wings and attacking them from the back. Since Pete had led go of Emelio, he turned around and shot at them. The bullets never came near, but again a crow fell from the sky.

The villagers yelled, excited at the condors’ success but were sad about the crows. Because Emelio hadn’t run away, he was too excited and wound watching Tamo and Tima, Pete tried to grab him again.

Emelio, not thinking he could do that and didn’t see it coming, found himself in the clutches of Pete again, who pressed him tightly down.

In the bedlam that followed, a man suddenly cried out and held his arm. His blue jumper stained red. Dumbfounded, the man put his finger through a hole at his sleeve. Everyone looked at him, won­dering if one of the bullets had gone astray and had struck him as well as the crows.

Pajaro, hearing him crying out, pushed through the crowd. ‘What is it? Did…’ And seeing the man’s bloody sleeve, he declared, ‘Hold still. I get the first-aid kit. Someone press on his wound with his hand.’ As he ran away to get the first-aid kit, the man beside him did what Pajaro asked to do.

Pajaro didn’t need to push through the crowd, they made room for him. He ran back. In the meantime the man slipped out of the sleeve of his jumper, looking at the two bloody flesh wounds on his upper arm. The bullet must have been gone all the way through his flesh. Pajaro examined the two wounds then stopped the blood flow with compression then he put a bandage tightly around his arm. ‘What a chance that one of the bullets has hit you, hey? Well,’ he looked around, ‘and the crows they fell from the sky.’ Pajaro tried to cheer him up. The man nodded. ‘You were lucky, you know, it is a flesh wound only.’


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Library Journal calls Janet Morris’ Heroes in Hell series ” a garden of infernal delights.” This critically acclaimed and award-winning series is built on the

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